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SARS and other global tax bodies have taken significant steps in recent years to clamp down on tax avoidance. As the prevalence of tax scrutiny increases, the importance of sound advice becomes even more critical.

Following the introduction of the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), tax authorities the world over now share financial information of both individuals and companies. As such, revenue authorities have access to information and investigative capabilities that are now more advanced than ever before and the possibility of an audit from tax authorities is on the rise.

RSM’s team of tax dispute resolution specialists understand the requirements of the regulators, can anticipate their actions and help you respond to them effectively and quickly to secure the best results and successfully resolve disputes. We will also work with you to ensure effective procedures and record keeping are in place to minimise the risk of a dispute.


Our tax experts will assist you with the following:

  • SARS tax audits, information gathering and inquiry procedures
  • Advance rulings
  • Dispute resolution including objections and appeals
  • Payment deferrals and tax debt compromise
  • Voluntary disclosure processes
  • Tax ombud applications
  • Reportable arrangements

RSM Client Success Story

Tax Dispute Resolution

In-depth knowledge for positive outcomes

Company B, a tax resident of South Africa, due to its significant size had an obligation to file monthly VAT returns with South African Revenue Services. After the filing of its VAT return for a particular period Company B realised that it had double counted its VAT input claims for that period in a period following, resulting in a double claim of VAT inputs. The exposure for Company B was significant in terms of both penalties and interest. RSM assisted Company B in navigating the requirements of Voluntary Disclosure Programme set out in the Tax Administration Act. The result of this is that South African Revenue Services agreed to remit the penalties potentially payable by the taxpayer.

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