Optimise and manage your domestic and foreign indirect tax obligations

An indirect tax is a tax that is imposed on a transaction and one that is generally passed on by the supplier of the relevant goods or services to its customer or consumer. Governments impose these taxes to raise revenue and the compliance requirements can be highly complex.

To overlook or undermine the importance of indirect and other taxes such as Value-added Tax, payroll taxes or Customs Duties, may place your business at risk of exposure to unnecessary penalties and interest, as well as tarnish your business reputation.

As the world becomes more connected, these compliance concerns broaden. Companies must manage their indirect tax responsibilities globally and each tax rate is different, has different rules, requires different procedures and documentation.

RSM’s tax team can support your business strategies and provide expert advice to manage your tax risk and liabilities. We are able to assist you with tailored, practical and commercial advice for your specific business operations. That includes aspects from the registration for the relevant tax type, as well as general consulting or assistance in attending to disputes with the authorities.

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