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The employment and mobility challenges facing organisations today is becoming increasingly complex. Rapidly changing tax laws and labour regulations, as well as varying immigration rules can cause significant risk and unexpected costs for a business. In order to ensure long term business success and retain the best talent, it is important to have sophisticated programmes in place. 

Through our multi-disciplinary service offering, RSM is able to provide a comprehensive employer solution. Our teams work together to provide practical support covering a host of areas, helping you get the best value from your investment in people.

Our areas of expertise include:

As employment taxes become more complex with regular legislative updates, an organisation may find itself in a situation where it is paying too much tax or not paying the right amount of tax. We take a hands on approach to ensure your organisation has identified all tax savings and the correct processes are in place to meet your employment tax obligations. 

In today’s globally mobile business environment, companies need to be able to move employees quickly and painlessly to where they are needed. However, dealing with the tax affairs of international assignees over multiple jurisdictions can be time-consuming and complex without an in-depth knowledge of the tax requirements in different countries.

RSM’s global team of tax professionals can provide a comprehensive range of services to manage all tax issues, both at home and in host countries, for any number of employees. Our tax experts ensures that nothing is overlooked, making the international assignment easier and less risky, both for you and for your expatriate staff. 

The war for talent has become highly competitive and the salary offer alone is no longer enough to retain the best talent. Our team can support employers to design and efficiently structure their reward offering to attract, develop, retain and incentivise their employees. In doing this, our specialists will assist to maintain the right balance between reward, personal development, performance, choice, risk management, compliance and cost.

Our HR and labour consultants sit in a branch within our Legal Department due to the complexity of Labour Legislation in South Africa and the increasing need for advice in this field. Our team supports organisations with legal advice to establish and manage both people structures and their people arrangements. We guide you through business set up and organisational changes, assist you to overcome challenges to your people structures and provide pragmatic advice on complex people challenges.

Our labour consulting team is supplemented by specialist colleagues in employment tax, share plans, HR, and payroll, ensuring our advice to you is seamless and holistic. 

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RSM’s outsourced payroll service acts as a natural extension of your business, ensuring that your employees are paid correctly and on time. Our experienced team are up to date with the latest legislation and can assist you to apply necessary changes quickly as required. This allows you to focus your time on what you do best. 

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Forming part of our labour consulting offering, our HR support team have experience across a variety of sectors, as well as with international clients wishing to start up operations in South Africa. 

Human capital is often the most important resource in an organisation and our team of experts will give your business the  protection, advice and operational support you need to be fully compliant with all areas of human resources. More strategically we can offer insight in HR services strategy, joining what you want to achieve with how you can deliver it, as well as developing a people strategy aligned to your business plans. 

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Offering a stake in the business can help you attract and retain the best talent and develop committed and incentivised staff. It can be  hard to decide what is best for your company and the decision needs to consider your business size, aspirations and objectives.

RSM’s experienced team will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business and its needs. This understanding, combined with our wealth of experience, will enable you to deliver the right type of scheme for your circumstances. These schemes include:

  • Employee ownership trusts
    Share incentive plans

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RSM's Employer Solutions offering combines expertise from our Tax, Legal and AFO divisions to provide a holistic solution.
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