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The secret to growth for SMEs may be found in an audit

4 October 2018
An audit is an inspection of your business accounts, including accounting systems documents and invoices. The goal of an audit is to determine if the financial statements are representing an accurate view of the company.

The unknown value of auditors to an SME

23 June 2017
Running a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) requires you to wear a number of hats, but there are certain areas that are unlikely to fall within your expertise and may require a third party expert. Your auditor is one such third party expert service that is especially important to give a view on your performance and management.

Accounting for SMEs with IFRS for SMEs

29 April 2016
Small and Medium Entities (SMEs) operate in simpler and less complex environments compared to larger companies. Although SMEs are small in size and capacity, they account for around 95% of all companies around the world.

The effect of the new Auditor's Report on smaller entities

14 March 2016
The new auditor reporting requirements are not just going to affect the audits of listed entities. This article highlights some of the considerations for smaller entities in terms of the requirements applicable to all entities and those that may be applied on a voluntary basis.

King III and the SME

25 September 2015
In contrast to King I and II codes, King III effective from 1 March 2010 applies to all entities regardless of the manner and form of incorporation or establishment and whether in the public, private or non-profit sectors.  The principles have been drafted so that every entity can apply them and, in doing so, achieve good governance.  In South Africa all companies

Sustainability Reporting – Is This Relevant to Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME’s”)

25 September 2015
Sustainability Reporting is defined in the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (“GRI Guidelines”) as “… the practice of measuring, disclosing and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organisational performance towards the goal of sustainable development”.