On 24 September 2020, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced significant insolvency reforms to commence on 1 January 2021 (subject to legislation).

Insolvency reformsThe reforms are focussed upon the restructure or liquidation of companies with less than $1m in debt and include:

  • A new debtor in possession process – to restructure the debt on the balance sheet of the business to help it survive and thrive; and
  • A new simplified liquidation process where it cannot survive.

Whilst full details of the reforms have not been finalised, they are designed to be simpler and more cost-effective restructuring and liquidation solutions for directors and their advisers to consider for small businesses.

The new debtor in possession / restructure process explained

A broad outline of the critical aspects of the process announced is:

  • Insolvency reformsFor companies with less than $1m in debts
  • Directors will remain in control of the business during the restructuring process
  • A debt restructuring plan is developed by the Directors with the assistance of an insolvency practitioner – A small business restructuring professional
  • The restructuring process can take 35 business days (20 business days to develop the plan and creditors given 15 business days to vote on the plan).
  • Unsecured and some secured creditors are prohibited from taking any action against the company
  • Personal guarantees cannot be enforced during the restructuring phase
  • Creditors cannot terminate contracts (ipso facto provisions)
  • Employee entitlements (including superannuation) that are due and payable must be paid out in full before the restructure plan is voted on by creditors
  • Tax reporting obligations must be up to date
  • Related creditors will be prohibited from voting on the restructure plan
  • The restructuring plan must be approved by 50% of creditors in value
  • If approved, the restructuring plan binds all unsecured creditors
  • If the plan is not approved, the business is able to proceed into voluntary administration or a new liquidation process with simplified obligations

The proposed debtor in possession/restructuring process provides a timely and necessary opportunity for companies with liquidity or cashflow issues to reduce their liabilities via a restructure and creditor agreement.

With assessment and critical planning, companies will be able to obtain more certainty to survive and then thrive in the new post COVID-19 economy.

Don’t wait until the New Year for assessment and planning – do this NOW.

A new simplified liquidation process where the company cannot survive

The new proposed liquidation process aims to limit costs and improve efficiencies for companies with less than  $1m in debts, with reduced investigative requirements and streamlined meetings and reporting requirements.

More details available 


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