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RSM’s consulting services help you transform your businessTo thrive in today's shifting business environment, organisations need to tightly align their people, processes and technology with their strategic vision and goals. Once aligned, the relentless focus must be on achieving the vision.
At RSM, we help you get there by transforming the way you do business in order to drive innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve controls.

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In today's competitive marketplace, the pressure to deliver high-quality results quickly and cost-effectively is unprecedented.

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Dealing with the “non-financial” spouse in Family Law matters

With one in three Australian marriages ending in divorce and the median age of divorce being 45 for men and 43 for women¹, divorce is typically occurring during the prime wealth accumulation period of people’s lives.
31 July 2017

Stress at work – destigmatising mental health issues in the workplace

The importance of destigmatising mental health issues in the workplace.
6 June 2017

Agile Leadership - Three inputs model | Part 3

The last model relies on an environmental form of management to build state change. It is also longer term and rarely instant. Individuals and companies can work on state change by altering any of the three inputs to state.
31 May 2017

Agile Leadership - Jump to state model and reframing your beliefs | Part 2

Jump to state model It is absolutely possible to instantly change your mood (state). Just consider the last time you felt amorous toward a partner, and it turned cold when they started discussing the neighbours, the news or your finances. Instant change.
18 May 2017

Agile Leadership - What it is and the role state management plays | Part 1

A few years ago ‘bespoke’ was the buzzword. Last year it was ‘ramp up’. Nowadays agile is quite the term, but as always with such words, it has a very fuzzy meaning.
28 April 2017

Why customer service is vital in a sea of automation | Part 3

Do you want your business to stand out from the rest? Offer a quality user experience! Great customer service isn't just about resolving an issue. If you really want to differentiate yourself and impress your customers, you need to consider their experience from beginning to end. This is where user experience comes in. 
28 March 2017

Why customer service is vital in a sea of automation | Part 2

5 Simple ways to improve your customer service Have you ever been so frustrated by a company’s customer service? On the other hand, how incredible is it when a company has excellent customer service?
17 March 2017

Why customer service is vital in a sea of automation | Part 1

How to increase profits through better customer service. "Customer service is not just a warm and fuzzy addition to your business practices, it's directly linked to your profitability and sales. This is why it needs to be a priority and a focus for any business that wants to grow or even survive in a highly competitive future"
9 March 2017

Women on Boards - Digital literacy for Boards

A panel discussion moderated by Catherine Walter AM with speakers Lyndsey Cattermole and Susan Oliver.
20 December 2016