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RSM consulting services - Insightful guidance to drive innovation and productivity.

RSM’s consulting services help you transform your businessTo thrive in today's shifting business environment, organisations need to tightly align their people, processes and technology with their strategic vision and goals. Once aligned, the relentless focus must be on achieving the vision.

At RSM, we help you get there by transforming the way you do business in order to drive innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve controls.

In today's competitive marketplace, the pressure to deliver high-quality results quickly and cost-effectively is unprecedented.

Take a look at the wide range of business consulting services we provide:

Business process improvement

We provide specialist business consulting services that help clients improve their operations and processes. Quite often, the demands of running businesses mean that process improvement takes a back seat. That’s why we’re here to help. Our experts will tackle any inefficiencies, such as process and quality problems, rising costs or missed opportunities. We undertake assessments and offer consulting solutions that will improve efficiency, leading to a healthier business.

Finance and performance management

RSM Australia work collaboratively with finance departments to offer business consulting solutions that are both effective and efficient. This includes improving processes to increase productivity, responding to internal and external challenges and developing new management capabilities. Our team can implement a finance operating model and look at outsourcing options to lower costs and improve customer service.

ICT strategy, advice and assurance

As technology progresses, there is a wealth of options available for businesses to improve their operations. Our business consultants can provide tailored advice to help you choose IT systems that best suit your current requirements, while best preparing you for the future. Our consulting services will help you maximise the value of your ICT spend.

People and change services

We help businesses best prepare for the future, implementing bespoke people and change strategies. By equipping people with the right skills and processes, organisations can effectively adapt to change, ensuring business longevity and success.

Project and programme management

Effective management is the key to any project’s success. Our business consultants can help you to manage your projects and programmes, offering expertise, professional advice, and specialist tools that will help you achieve your individual goals.

Strategy development

RSM Australia can create a tailored business strategy that will optimise your portfolio, grow your organisation and improve planning and processes. By setting long-term goals through a carefully curated strategy, you can add value for your stakeholders and clients.

To open the dialogue to a better future, contact RSM today.

COVID-19 lessons for tourism & hospitality businesses

It is difficult to imagine a more brutal series of circumstances than those that have assailed the tourism and hospitality industry as a direct result of COVID-19.
17 August 2020
COVID-19 lessons for tourism & hospitality businesses

The future of higher education in the face of COVID-19

Risk assessment, strategic planning and innovation – What does the way forward look like for the tertiary education sector in the face of COVID-19? Without question, the higher education sector in Australia has been heavily impacted by COVID-19.
17 August 2020
Risk assessment, strategic planning, innovation – What does the future of higher education look like in the face of COVID-19?

RSM Australia brings together Sheffield Resources and Yansteel in joint venture

RSM Australia brings together Sheffield Resources and Yansteel in a transformational joint venture for the Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project.
14 August 2020
The transformational joint venture Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project will bring together Sheffield Resources and Yansteel

Improving Team Performance

As a Manager or business owner, most of your working life is spent forming, motivating, monitoring and managing your team of staff.
10 August 2020
Team Performance

The ATO Director Penalty Regime

The ‘corporate veil’ separates the rights, obligations and liabilities of a company’s Shareholders / Directors from those of the company itself.
15 June 2020
Under the Director Penalty Regime, the Commissioner of Taxation is empowered to make Directors of a company personally liable for specific tax related liabilities of companies they represent.

Dealing with the “non-financial” spouse in Family Law matters

With one in three Australian marriages ending in divorce and the median age of divorce being 45 for men and 43 for women¹, divorce is typically occurring during the prime wealth accumulation period of people’s lives.
31 July 2017

Stress at work – destigmatising mental health issues in the workplace

The importance of destigmatising mental health issues in the workplace.
6 June 2017

Agile Leadership - Three inputs model | Part 3

The last model relies on an environmental form of management to build state change. It is also longer term and rarely instant. Individuals and companies can work on state change by altering any of the three inputs to state.
31 May 2017

Agile Leadership - Jump to state model and reframing your beliefs | Part 2

Jump to state model It is absolutely possible to instantly change your mood (state). Just consider the last time you felt amorous toward a partner, and it turned cold when they started discussing the neighbours, the news or your finances. Instant change.
18 May 2017

Agile Leadership - What it is and the role state management plays | Part 1

A few years ago ‘bespoke’ was the buzzword. Last year it was ‘ramp up’. Nowadays agile is quite the term, but as always with such words, it has a very fuzzy meaning.
28 April 2017

Women on Boards - Digital literacy for Boards

A panel discussion moderated by Catherine Walter AM with speakers Lyndsey Cattermole and Susan Oliver.
20 December 2016

Behavioural Insights - An introduction to 'Nudge' theory

Have you ever looked up as you entered your local supermarket?
6 October 2016

10 things politicians teach us about impression management

What comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton? I’ll wager the images which come to mind are very different from Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten. Both Trump and Turnbull are independently wealthy, that’s for sure but would a man like Trump ever be taken seriously in our political landscape? I’m not sure he would.
20 May 2016

Industry insight - Milk powder manufacturing

A snapshot of the key statistics and current industry performance in the milk powder manufacturing sector.
20 April 2016

Instinctive leadership - how to improve your management style

Have you ever wondered who you are, where you get your sense of self from? The answer is your unconscious self, and it may surprise you to learn that we’re largely unconscious beings. That all runs well most of the time, and is especially helpful when high speed physical responses are needed.
3 March 2016

Stress and Resilience – Change Management in Organisations

Summer in Australia has just passed, with the New Year being celebrated under our blazing sun. How do you usually experience this time of the year? Some people find it relaxing and wonderful, whilst others have the most stressful time of their lives. These are very different reactions to the same season. Change, whilst normal, brings stress.
22 January 2016

Building Effective Recruitment Functions

The recruitment team should seek out the best candidates and proactively bring them to the organisation. Recruitment is the most important HR function. Unless organisations attract and hire the right talent they cannot hope to achieve their full potential.The recruitment team should seek out the best candidates and proactively bring them to the organisation.
7 January 2016

Rapid and sustained cost reduction

Delivering sustained cost reduction strategies for your organisation through identifying, prioritising and eliminating waste.
21 December 2015

Has your organisation experienced a year of change? If so, how do you think it has fared?

This morning, RSM hosted the Change Management Institute’s Christmas Breakfast at which Dr Robert Holmes, Consultant at RSM in Canberra, spoke on “Stress and resilience: Change management in organisations”.
10 December 2015

Programme evaluation for contemporary government

Evaluating modern policy programmes Effective government develops and implements policy in response to complex issues through instruments, such as laws, advocacy, monetary flows, programmes and initiatives. Over time developing and implementing effective policy has become increasingly difficult as a result of three factors:
11 November 2015