Business Growth

Boost your business growth, maximise your profits, and manage the risks by partnering with RSM to effectively plan for all phases of your business life cycle.

By working closely with your key decision-makers, our business planning specialists can identify areas of improvement and create structured business growth plans that will propel your business forward.     

Our business advisers can help you start, grow and exit a business on your terms and in your time – equipped with a commercial business plan, expert accounting and tax advice, and a trusted sounding board to work through opportunities and challenges as you progress on your business journey.


You will also get access to RSM’s extensive resources, including connections to our valuable local, national and global networks.

All of our services are designed to give you more confidence as you make important business decisions, while empowering you with the tools and insight needed to achieve your business objectives.

We can also support you with a range of complementary services such as accounting and tax , strategic outsourcing , and digital and cloud accounting.

What we offer

Whether you have a great new business idea, an appetite to grow an existing business, or you need to save a struggling one, we can help you:

  • scope and identify potential opportunities
  • develop a competitive strategy with implementation support
  • understand capital, capacity and capability requirements
  • model scenarios and plan for different outcomes
  • prepare a commercial business plan 
  • set up your accounting processes
  • meet reporting and financial obligations 
  • effectively structure or restructure your business
  • prepare your business for exit or to become investor ready

We also help with a complete range of complex tax issues, as well as business growth and strategy, digital and cloud accounting, and more.

Looking for assistance with your business growth? 
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