Tax compliance

In today's corporate environment, there is more to tax than just structuring. Failure to comply and manage tax obligations could result in unexpected penalties and additional tax.

That's why we never understate the importance of tax compliance. We ensure our clients meet these obligations and the deadlines that come with them.

International companies on the other hand need more than just local tax compliance assistance - they require multi-jurisdictional assistance.


  •  Income tax return preparation and review
  •  Fringe benefits tax return preparation and review
  •  Pay-roll tax advice and return preparation
  •  Superannuation guarantee advice
  •  Deferred tax computations and preparation of tax notes for financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  •  Transfer pricing benchmarking studies and documentation
  •  Secondment of tax professionals to assist in-house finance divisions
  •  Co-ordination of global tax compliance requirements
  •  Revenue authority representation - audits, investigations, negotiations, settlements


Danette Cheung is the National Head of Tax at RSM Australia, and is also a Director of the Tax Services division in Sydney. Danette has extensive experience, having been a senior tax manager at a number of listed companies.