A journey through funding, structuring, self-managed superannuation funds & more

property investment in SMSFIn this webinar Katie Timms - RSM Director & National Head of Superannuation and SMSF services, Rhys Edwards - Senior Manager and RSM’s resident property and structuring expert together with Alana Magee – Director of Conquest Finance discussed all things property investment.

Watch this recording to learn the tips and traps of setting up your investment portfolio through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and how to invest personally whilst protecting your other assets through a trust or other investment vehicle.

In addition, Alana discussed how the recently announced government grants could work for you and what’s changed in regard to financing property acquisitions through different investment vehicles.

Further topics the team discussed include:

  • Acquiring property through an SMSF, including borrowing, joint ownership, and unit trusts
  • Improving & developing property in an SMSF
  • Borrowing through SMSFs - how does it work?
  • Recent changes regarding property finance
  • How the recent Government Grants have changed funding
  • What structures you should consider before purchasing
  • Risk, tax, capital gains tax, and stamp duty - what all of these mean in the different structures.

Watch the full webinar recording below: