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For most privately owned and family firms, succession means planning for the sale of your business or handing over control to other family members when you retire.

It may include realising assets, as well as retirement and estate planning.

Some complicating factors which we will explore in this report are inflated real estate prices, blended families, tax and family law.

In this report, we not only look at the details for a successful succession plan, but we also take a look at timelines for the best execution of a succession plan.


In this edition of thinkBIG, we take a closer look at:

- Your personal five-year plan
- Timeline
- Optimising for succession
- I: The early stages
- II: Putting your team together
- Nightmare scenarios and how to avoid them
- Family law and taxes
- GST implications
- Super(charge) value
- Case study: Brothers on farms
- Case study: The family’s jewels
- Next Steps


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