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Are you looking for a local accountant in Auckland who cares?  Our team of accounting and taxation specialists at RSM in Albany are committed to helping your achieve the best results out of your business and optimise your work/life balance.  We learn what's important to you and about your business by listening to you, because no one knows your business better than you. 

RSM in Albany has maintained a strong presence within the region over the last 70 years by helping clients reach their goals, maintain optimum levels of operation with regard to business activities and being their trusted adviser when times are rough. 

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Lloyd Kirby
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Carl Cachopa
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory

Lyle Irwin
International Contact Partner
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Scott Garratt
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Garron Chapman
Senior Accountant
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Jo Lunam
Senior Accountant
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Margaret Lopes da Silva
Practice Manager
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Michelle Bow
Senior Accountant
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Grace Wee
Tax Manager
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory, Tax

Brendan Rhodes
Senior Accountant
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory

Karolina Housham
Services: Accounting and Business Advisory

Office Services

Strategies for business growth

Whether your business is relatively new, or well established and expanding, the challenges facing business growth can be considerable.  Effectively managing your strategies for growth can help you succeed. There are many ways to look at expanding or improving your business model depending on what you hope to achieve.  You may need advi...

Risk management

Helping YOU build a better business through risk management We understand the challenges facing business owners so we offer small, SME and multi-owner businesses a unique service to reduce their risks and run a better business. FREE Business risk management survey below Our solution to achieve these goals is the Better Business Program.&nb...

International tax planning

Thinking about expanding your New Zealand business into an overseas market? Or are you considering New Zealand as a new place to locate your international operations? Does your business already have some presence in New Zealand but you are unsure of your tax obligations? Have you concerns regarding Transfer Pricing? New Zealand has once again be...

Tax investigations

Inland Revenue Department “IRD” risk reviews, Tax Investigations, Tax Audits, unpleasant as they may be, can be a fact of doing business. Tax reviews and investigations can be stressful, time-consuming, not to mention the impact it can have on a business. Here at RSM we provide a range of support services to taxpayers in the tax investigation s...

Valuation services

How much is your business worth? There are different approaches toward valuing a business, the most common ones being discounted cash flow valuation and earnings based valuation. However, no approach is absolute and without limitation.  A 'valuation' is the process of determining the current worth of an asset or company and may be required ...

Succession planning

Did you know businesses that have a succession plan experience higher growth and have a higher survival rate? If you want to protect the long-term future of your business, now is the time to start thinking about creating your own succession plan. Succession planning is the process of ensuring your business is successful without you. Sometimes it...

Forecasting and budgeting

What is the difference between a forecast and a budget?  And how will they help you manage your business?  A forecast is an estimate of what will actually be achieved Forecasting is an important planning tool which helps businesses cope with the uncertainty of the future. Forecasting starts with assumptions based on experience, past...

Business structures

Did you know there are a several different ways you can structure your business in New Zealand?  Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as common pitfalls to avoid.  There are four main types of business structures in New Zealand; Sole traders When you are a sole trader your business is built around you. You...

Due diligence

Inspect before you get.  It is a matter of prudence and good business practice.  Due diligence is a process to independently verify that a provider or potential acquisition can fully deliver on what has been promised and usually happens as the part of a final evaluation and negotiation.  Due diligence takes different forms depe...

Compliance accounting

Annual accounts outline the activity and performance of your business for a 12 months period. Preparing your accounts annually provides a comprehensive overview of the previous fiscal year, ensuring your key stakeholders can understand the financial position of the company, including assets, liabilities and equity at year end.  Annual repor...

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing arrangements set by international related entities in respect of transactions between them such as the sale of goods, provision of services or the transfer of intellectual property. It has become one of the most important international tax issues facing multinational corporations, whatever their size. Globa...

Corporate tax compliance and planning

Tax is an inevitable part of business. Getting it wrong can prove detrimental and engaging professional tax advisers can help your business navigate through the complexities of tax legislation to ensure that it meets all of its tax obligations. RSM New Zealand have extensive experience in providing corporate tax compliance and planning advice to...

Personal tax compliance and planning

Individuals and families that have achieved a substantial level of prosperity have complex financial needs and often require expert advice and planning. Protecting your wealth is a primary concern and effective tax planning has a large part to play in this process. Our personal tax compliance and planning service include: Income tax planni...

Tax audit insurance

Tax audits can be expensive and are on the increase If your business or individual return is subjected to a random audit, enquiry, investigation or review you are responsible for the professional fees involved in us providing the required information. Even the simplest enquiry can require hours of work. In some cases, when there are complex envi...

Outsourced CFO services

Because of our long heritage, RSM's outsourced CFO services can help your business manage its accounting and finance function professionally and proactively, allowing management to focus on your regular business operations. Our outsourced CFO services include the external management of many financial busi...