Our Benefits

We provide each employee with a rich and varied benefits package, tailored to their preferences and abilities. You choose those you like the most from the entire cafeteria package, “paying” for them with pints allocated by the Employer.  

Individual and group courses

Qualifications are key. We provide our employees with an opportunity to participate in numerous in-house and external training courses led by the most eminent experts.

Health care

We offer health care packages for our employees and their families.

Group life insurance

We finance life and personal accident insurance packages for our employees and their families.

Multisport card

We take care of your and your family’s health and physical activity by providing access to thousands of sports facilities all over Poland.

In-house language courses

We provide our employees with free English/German language courses tailored to their language skills.

CSR actions

We regularly participate in a variety of social campaigns. We hope you get involved, too.

Fruit in the office

We provide our employees with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals in the form of fruit, vegetables, natural juices and yoghurt.

Pizza day

Every second Friday of the month, we have pizza on the house :).

Team-building activities, in-house events, company chrismas parties, rsm world day

We have budgets for team-building outings for each team. We organise regular outing events for the whole company you can join.

Company sports entertainment: rsm european football tournament, table football league, cross-country teams, golf

We provide opportunities of joining national and international sports competitions within the RSM network and beyond.


RSM Poland provides opportunities for professional development and expanding the skill set of each employee, regardless of their position, education or length of service, by offering various types of courses and other forms of improving their skills.

Targeted in-house and external courses

RSM Poland offers targeted in-house and external courses; the former ones are organised by our employees, while the latter by recognised training institutions. In-house courses are held on a regular basis and on an ad hoc basis whenever there is a need for it.

Language courses

Working in an international environment, we know how important the command of foreign languages is, especially in business situations. We provide our professionals with free classes in Business English and Wirtschaftdeutsch, led by our Lecturers and held at our offices.

Professional courses

At RSM Poland, we provide expert and financial support to our professionals in getting professional titles of Tax Advisor, Chartered Auditor, and others.


RSM Poland supports all forms of self-education by offering a continuously updated database of commentaries and specialist publications in the fields of accounting, taxation and law in general. RSM Poland provides access to electronic databases with the latest publications, commentaries and explanations in the field of tax and balance sheet law.

Participation in conferences, seminars and workshops

At RSM Poland, we encourage our employees to participate in conferences, seminars and workshops organised by recognised institutions, either as an attendee or as a speaker.

RSM Academy

RSM Academy is a highly intensive course organised by RSM International over a couple of days for senior managers, directors and partners of member companies from all over the world. Its participants can get to know each other and have an opportunity to share their experiences and collaborate in international and multicultural project teams. RSM Academy offers insight into the RSM’s strategy, vision and values, and allows its participants to expand their skills. To find out more about RSM Academy, click here.

RSM iTAX Academy

RSM iTAX Academy is a two-year programme for future leaders in the field of international tax law designed for senior managers, directors and partners specialised in the tax law of a particular country and already experienced in leading international projects. The RSM iTAX Academy consists of two weeks of full-time study at the NH Koningshof in Eindhoven and regular online courses. The programme is run by members of the RSM Centre for Excellence for Tax in collaboration with researchers from the University of Amsterdam. To find out more about RSM iTAX Academy, click here. 

ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development

We belong to an elite group of employers accredited by ACCA, the international organisation for finance and accounting professionals. The Approved Employer-Professional Development certificate is a proof of ACCA’s recognition of the support RSM provides to its employees who are ACCA members or students in developing their professional competencies.
Our accreditation confirms that our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy meets international standards for the development of professional qualifications. It also makes life easier for our employees who are ACCA members, because working at RSM Poland ensures their professional practice is authenticated and they are not required to keep any additional documentation to confirm that they have improved their qualifications.

Recruitment process

If you find any of our job ads attractive, feel free to apply. 

We select candidates who meet the expectations clearly predefined in the job ad. We do the selection based on the professional experience, skills and educational background required for a given position.

We contact you by phone and arrange a convenient appointment.

The first meeting is a job interview along with factual and language tests that check your theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
During this meeting, we verify the information provided in your CV, learn about your motivation, interpersonal skills and expectations. We discuss in detail the position you are applying for and answer your questions.

The next meeting is a conversation with the Manager who presents tasks and responsibilities of the position in detail and provides some examples of ongoing projects. They describe the structure of their department and tell you something about themselves and their team, their working methods and your development prospects. Of course, they also answer any questions you may have.

Based on all the information we have gathered, we decide on your employment. We contact you immediately, informing you that you are the one we would like to hire. We present our financial offer, confirming once again all the agreements made during earlier meetings, i.e. the scope of tasks and responsibilities of the position, all the benefits, etc. Together we agree on a start date and ask you to sign the contract. 

We make sure that every person we invite to a meeting receives reliable feedback from us, regardless of the outcome of this meeting. If you have any questions about your application or would like more detailed information about why you were rejected in the recruitment process (this time), please write to: [email protected]. We will answer your questions and will be happy to advise you if you wish so.

If you have any question, feel free to contact our recruitment staff

HR & Recruitment Coordinator
HR & Recruitment Specialist
HR & Recruitment Specialist
HR & Recruitment Specialist