Don't let anything surprise you while setting up a company in Poland!


When starting a business in Poland, you have to make many decisions that have significant legal, tax and financial consequences. First of all, you should consider what form of running the company's business (legal form) will be appropriate to the scale and type of the planned venture, predictions regarding its development and stakeholder expectations.


Many years of experience of the RSM Poland team in this field enable us to offer comprehensive and effective support for entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their business activity in Poland. Our team will advise on necessary legal issues (e.g., it will prepare Articles of Association), arrange all formalities to register the business (e.g., it will organize a meeting with a notary to establish a company and will participate in it on behalf of the client) and register the company in the National Court Register. To make doing business in Poland easier for entrepreneurs, our assistance in starting a business includes a number of comprehensive services.

Establishing and registering a business in Poland in the form of a commercial company

We will advise you on establishing and registering in the National Court Register any commercial company with its registered office anywhere in Poland.


Sale of shelf companies registered in Poland to entities planning to quickly start a business

We offer the sale of ready-made limited liability companies registered in Poland. Our ready-made companies have a transparent business history and properly kept accounting records. Such companies also already have numbers in the National Court Register (KRS number) as well as a Tax Identification Number (NIP number) and can be used to conduct business in Poland without having to go through all the formalities related to establishing a new company, which will be of particular importance for an entrepreneur who is looking to save time.

Establishing and registering branches of foreign companies in Poland

We will establish and register a branch of a foreign company in Poland, with its registered office anywhere in Poland. This solution may be particularly useful for clients who plan to operate in Poland on a smaller scale or want to reduce the formalities and time needed to set up a new company in Poland or buy a ready-made off-the-shelf company.

How do RSM Poland advisors make starting a business in Poland easier?

We realize that starting a business in Poland is not an easy process. Therefore, by choosing RSM Poland services, you have access to various forms of support:

Are you looking for a reliable business partner who understands your needs well? If you want to start your business in Poland without any obstacles, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of RSM Poland experts.

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Frequently asked questions related to company formation in Poland


What is the minimum share capital in Poland?

The minimum share capital amount of a limited liability company, which is a common type of business in Poland, is PLN 5,000.

What is a limited liability company (LLC) called in Poland?

The Polish name for a limited liability company (LLC) is spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – abbreviated to “sp. z o.o.”.

What are the steps necessary to incorporate an LLC in Poland?

Basically, in order to incorporate a limited liability company in Poland, it is necessary to:

  • create articles of association,
  • make contributions by the shareholders to pay up the share capital,
  • establish a management board, supervisory board or audit committee (optional),
  • enter the company into the National Court Register.

Can a foreigner be a Polish branch representative?

Yes. A foreigner can be the person representing a foreign entrepreneur in Poland.

What is a company registration number called in Poland?

It is the so-called KRS number. Each company entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register obtains it.