Income earned in another country is often subject to specific taxation rules. This should be remembered by both Poles earning foreign income and foreigners who have personal or economic connections in Poland or whose stay in our country exceeds 183 days.


To verify tax residence and avoid conflicts with tax authorities, it is worth using the help of experts who are perfectly familiar with international regulations and how double taxation avoidance agreements concluded between Poland and other countries may affect the settling obligation and the PIT tax. At RSM Poland, we respond to the needs of both private individuals and business entities. We provide comprehensive tax advice, helping companies effectively manage tax issues related to global employee mobility – regardless of their tax residence status.


Support in determining how delegating an employee abroad affects tax obligation

We provide comprehensive advice on planning and preparing the process of posting employees, taking into account the provisions of national and international law specifying how the length of stay abroad affects the obligation to settle taxes. We offer advice on labour law, administrative obligations and tax planning.


Assistance in settling business trips

We provide professional support in the scope of obligations related to the settlement of business trips – we advise on the correct settlement of domestic and foreign delegations; we answer practical questions related to determining the amount of the allowance and maintaining appropriate documentation.


Employing and settling taxes of foreigners

We advise step by step how to employ a foreigner in Poland. We offer cross-sectional support including tax treatment, consultations in the field of labour law and social security, and assistance in administrative matters, including obtaining the necessary residence permits in Poland. We supervise the employment of a foreigner and provide ongoing legal and tax support.


Consultations on labour law and how remote work abroad affects the taxation of the employee and the employer

We offer employers and employees support in understanding and complying with the obligations arising from remote work abroad. We analyze whether the tax residence criterion is met and help identify and minimize obligations and risks arising from remote work abroad.


Analysis of the risk of establishing a tax establishment under CIT (Permanent Establishment) and a permanent place of business under VAT (Fixed Establishment)

We analyze the risk of establishing a tax establishment under CIT (PE) and a permanent place of business under VAT (FE) of the employer. We advise on what actions to take in the event of its update – including when the employee's work abroad imposes a new tax obligation on the employer.


Advisory services for tax residents and cross-border employees settling work and stay in Poland

We offer advice on determining tax residence and indicate the related obligations of entrepreneurs and employees. We advise on how a cross-border employee should settle income from abroad. We offer support in the field of taxes (including personal income tax) and social security.


Preparing documentation and determining how foreign revenues affect tax settlements in Poland

We help individuals settle their taxable income in Poland every year with the Polish tax office. We offer services such as preparing annual tax returns, including: reporting foreign income.


Preventing double taxation of expatriates

We identify situations in which double taxation of income may apply. We offer advice on planning international settlements using an appropriate method of avoiding double taxation.


Consulting on optimal forms of employment for management staff

We advise on the employment structure of key persons in the company. We help you choose the optimal method of remunerating members of the management board, supervisory board and proxies.


Services for people engaged in activities performed personally, mobile workers and people who often change their place of residence

We advise professional athletes, artists and scientists on matters related to their personal activities. We provide an individualized approach to tax issues tailored to the client's needs.
We also offer legal and tax advice in areas related to mobile employees.


Settlement of Exit Tax

We offer Exit Tax support, helping taxpayers understand and minimize the tax consequences of leaving the country or transferring tax residence abroad.


Assistance in obtaining tax reliefs

We advise on the use of tax reliefs and verify the possibility of applying the so-called return relief or abolition relief.


Why is it worth choosing RSM Poland services?

  • Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge in the area of international taxes and is supported by local experts from other countries where the global RSM network operates.
  • Individualized approach: We treat each client individually, adapting our services to their unique needs.
  • Legal security: We operate in accordance with applicable regulations, providing our clients with legal security and protection against strict tax authorities.

Trust our experienced tax advisors and use the services of RSM Poland to effectively manage the tax aspects of global employee mobility. Contact us for personalized solutions tailored to your company's needs.

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