12 December 2022

This year - as in the previous one - our employees got involved in Christmas collections of gifts! This time we did it for the World War II veterans (as part of the 'Package for a Hero' initiative, which we strongly encourage you to support), the Single Mother's Home and the Shelter for Homeless Women in Poznań. Thanks to our joint effort, we managed to provide those in need with a lot of products needed on a daily basis. The team which is so eager to help and share with others is a real treasure. So thank you to everyone involved - you guys are great!


15 September 2022

We are not indifferent to the fate of future generations, which is why during the annual company integration we received practical tips on what we can do in our homes to live more ecologically. After an interesting lecture, we jointly built hotels for pollinators - shelters for small but extremely important inhabitants of our planet, which we later installed in our gardens and allotments.


3 October 2022

The hives that we built (and painted beautifully) during RSM World Day 2022 were delivered to the adoption apiary in Środa Wielkopolska! Beekeepers colonized the structures with swarms of our little insect friends, who can now enjoy not only new comfortable living conditions, but also the proximity of the "Środa Wielkopolska Swamps" Protected Landscape Area. Bees are already working hard (just like us) and pollinating the surrounding plants ... producing delicious honey at the same time! We estimate that each year our little friends will produce as much as 100 kilograms of honey, which will translate into almost 240 jars (330 ml each)! Just right for every RSM Poland employee.


5 September 2022

As every year, we took part in the Poland Business Run and the NCDC Business Race. In each of our offices there were teams that took part in this charity run. 137 is the number of beneficiaries who received help thanks to the participants of Poland Business Run 2022! Way to go! Business Run sponsored 82 rehabilitation camps, 28 limb prostheses, 34 wheelchairs and orthopedic equipment. This is help with a total value of over PLN 1 million!


8 July 2022

Thanks to the commitment of our employees, we donated money to Dawid, a beneficiary of 'I have a dream' Foundation, thanks to which the boy received his dream computer to work in graphics and music programs. And we have just received a statuette, for which we thank you very much!❤️ It's great to work in a team where there are so many people with great hearts, always ready to help those in need 🥰 #TeamRSM - you are wonderful! Together we have great power to do good, which always comes back.


5 May 2022

We regularly engage in employee collections for people from Ukraine affected by the tragic consequences of the war. We are aware of the enormity of the needs of people who face difficult situations every day, so together we decided to collect a wide range of humanitarian aid. As a team, we managed to collect a lot of necessary things - all to support the fighters and those who need our help the most. In addition, as a company, we decided to donate PLN 100,000 to foundations supporting aid for Ukraine. We are convinced that by joining forces with our employees, we can make a difference and help counteract the effects of war. We act with love and solidarity, bearing in mind the common good. Together, we can contribute to creating a better world!


21 January 2022

On the occasion of Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day, we remember about older people in need of help and we financially support the 'Prometheus for the Elderly' Foundation 👵 🧓. The Foundation helps pensioners in a difficult life situation: it offers legal assistance and helps in purchasing necessary medicines and paying bills. Charity activity is important to us, which is why this is another initiative of this type in which we are involved - at the same time encouraging everyone else to also join in activities for the benefit of those in need. Not only on holidays.


18 January 2022

RSM Poland supports with a donation the 'We give children strength' Foundation (Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę)   – the largest Polish non-governmental organization responsible for the operation of the Helpline.

116 111 – this number provides free help to all children experiencing violence and facing difficult problems and emotions.

We know how important psychological support is - that's why we provide it free of charge to our employees and support the Foundation in its further operation. We also strongly encourage everyone to help - not only financially, but also by paying more attention to the needs and problems of children.


23 December 2021 

The upcoming holidays are primarily an opportunity to do something good for others. This year, RSM Poland decided to help, among others, the Single Mother’s Home in Poznań  .

For the last two weeks, our employees have been collecting the necessary food, cosmetics and toys for children - as we managed to find out when handing over the products to the volunteers with whom we joined the initiative, the number of collected gifts exceeded our wildest expectations! We are glad that people with such great hearts work in our company and we wish to thank you for your joint participation in this noble initiative.