As your business evolves, so should the capabilities of the software that you use to run it. NetSuite ERP platform offers modular solution to meet your unique needs and provide a wide range of features ensuring NetSuite always meets your business needs.

Why choose NetSuite ERP software?

  • One system for your entire company
  • Get real-time visibility and control of your business
  • 100% in the cloud – no maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Best software solution for global finance consolidation, professional services, fintech, high-tech, wholesalers and distributors

NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP Business Software Solution that helps businesses run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

NetSuite ERP software

NetSuite modules guide

Provides one consolidated system for all of the subsidiaries of your global business. It lets your finance team adjust for local currency and automatically comply with local and regional taxation and legal requirements. It enables real-time tracking of all processes within a company and brings flexibility while incorporating new subsidiaries.

Brings added financial management capabilities to NetSuite for budgeting, expense allocations, amortization and statistical accounts. The module provides tools for comprehensive accounting in 52 countries among which there is Polish Localization Package that intends to fully support your financial NetSuite system in compliance with the Polish requirements stated in the Polish Accounting Act.

NetSuite Advanced Financials supports management of multiple budgets and enables monitoring of budget versus actual in real-time. With expense management capabilities, this module provides sophisticated expense allocations that make it simple to assign expenses based on typical weightings, while amortization schedules enable expenses to be amortized over time with ease. NetSuite users can set up flexible billing schedules that can be assigned based on sales order line items and can be integrated with sales commissions and sales forecasts.

Automates revenue scheduling, allocation, and reporting. The NetSuite user can create specific recognition rules for each product or service they offer, then easily link them to individual line items in customer contracts. This module enables its users to automate revenue forecasting, recognition, reclassification, deferral, and auditing through a rule-based event handling framework. This solution is available for all industries and can help your finance teams increase productivity, visibility, accuracy, and compliance.

Is used for company-owned and leased assets, providing flexible depreciation and amortization schedules and detailed asset reporting. It enables the control of fixed assets in all subsidiaries and preparation of depreciation and amortization schedules in one system thanks to the adaptive accounting features.

Facilitates both company-wide and departmental planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting within one collaborative scalable solution. With less time spent on manual consolidation, troubleshooting, reporting and data loading, finance staff can reallocate time from data entry and formula maintenance to strategic analysis activities that have a greater impact on the company’s financial position.

Improves the purchasing operations of your business. It helps standardize the vendors and rates for commonly purchased items company-wide, automates requisitioning and purchasing processes and matches purchase orders, receipts and invoices to more efficiently manage cash flow. Gain control of each subsidiary’s expenses in one centralized system using the same rules.

Helps you align and oversee all aspects of customer relationships, including marketing automation, interaction history, customer service and more. It tracks sales and partner performance, as well as providing quotes, managing orders, forecasting sales and integrating with ecommerce platforms. NetSuite CRM gives companies of all sizes a complete 360-degree view of customers in real time providing a centralized and comprehensive collection of your customers' data. This includes the customers' experiences, both on your platform and with your team members as well as background information, like the contact information for specific users. 

Helps you more efficiently manage every aspect of warehouse operations, from receiving to picking, cycle counting and returns. It includes shelf-life tracking, barcode scanning to track and suggest putaway locations, interactive warehouse activity dashboards and reporting and warehouse team management — and it can all be done from a mobile RFID device. Transfer your warehouse data to the cloud and develop your business in a flexible manner without the need to use VPN and local infrastructure. Get access to real-time supply chain tracking in all of your subsidiaries in one centralized system.

Brings to NetSuite electronic banking functionality that includes Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, customer refunds and customer payments (direct debits), as well as check fraud prevention through the Positive Pay service offered by leading banks. It  enables NetSuite users to process bank payments of their vendor bills, employee expenses, partner and employee commissions, and customer refunds, as well as receive bank payments from customers.

Enabling NetSuite’s WIP and Routings capabilities gives companies the ability to define a routing for the manufacturing process, the resources needed to complete the process, and the expected time and cost required. Routings also provide the basis for the infinite capacity scheduling engine that can help identify which resources are being over- or under-utilized. Finally, capturing the cost of materials consumed during the manufacturing process creates a complete picture of the process costs before it is finalized and committed to the GL.

NetSuite can be easily configured to support the needs of manufacturers of all types and sizes, and for many the first step is to implement the Work Orders and Assemblies module. Enabling this feature allows users to define assembly items, build complex multi-level bill of materials, create work orders, record assembly builds, and backflush components with minimal effort. The module adds control and visibility when producing assembly items for stock or to fill orders and it can be easily configured to support the needs of manufacturers of all types and sizes.

Gives project managers a visual, graphical analysis of the status of specific projects. Project managers can see important key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance such as which projects are on time, under budget and destined for success. For projects that are behind, you can use the dashboard to quickly drill down and identify the root cause. This module improves oversight of the operations, maintain tighter control of the progress of your projects, helps you understand the true costs of the services you render, and get an accurate and detailed view of profitability.

NetSuite pricing and cost

Implement the solution in your own pace. Every NetSuite installation is unique—and that’s good. NetSuite is highly scalable, customizable and tailored to your needs.

Our NetSuite pricing model is adaptable and modular. You only pay for what you use and flexible financing options make it easy to get started. The price depends on several factors, including the selected product configuration, add-on modules, total user count and contract duration. A minimum NetSuite purchase requires that you buy a base account along with at least one user login. That is why you can start small and the system will seamlessly support your growth in the future. You can enhance a standard platform license with advanced NetSuite feature modules and add additional users by purchasing individual access via any browser on a universal cloud-based platform. NetSuite operates as a subscription model. You can decide whether to pay for it monthly, annually, or over longer durations.

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