You want to be sure that your business is developing in line with its pre-defined goals and making the most of its business opportunities. You strive to eliminate any irregularities, make control and in-house procedures more effective, streamline processes and reduce any potential losses that may be incurred as a result of adverse economic events. 


If you implement internal audit mechanisms with RSM Poland experts, you will have a guarantee that your in-house management procedures and control processes are effective and optimal for the functioning of your business. See how we can help you.


Learn the stages of internal audit performed by a leading auditing company:

  1. We learn about strategic and operational goals of the organisation
  2. We define performance indicators together
  3. We analyse business environment (including regulatory environment)
  4. We recognise the sources of information about business risks used by the management board
  5. We make a risk map
  6. We define priorities for internal audit
  7. We evaluate the adequacy of control mechanisms to existing and potential threats
  8. We check the operation of key control mechanisms in the entire organisation (in all departments, functions and processes)
  9. We issue a report on the functioning of corporate governance, risk management and control mechanisms within the organisation
  10. We offer guidelines to optimise internal control system
  11. We offer guidelines to improve operational performance of the organisation


See what you gain with internal audit service:

  • Awareness of changes in the external environment that may affect the functioning of your organisation
  • Certainty that the in-house control system is adequate and effective in the process of risk management at your organisation
  • Ability to avoid risk
  • Ability to reduce potential losses related with business operation
  • More effective control
  • Improved performance
  • Maximised value of your organisation

Identify, evaluate, and respond: rely on RSM Poland internal audit to better manage the risk in your organisation.

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