For effective business management, entrepreneurs need precise, reliable and objective information that allows them to make right business decisions. 


They do not want to focus on arduous fulfilment of tax or reporting obligations; yet, they want to be sure that they act in accordance with the regulations in force. They rely on outsourcing in accounting, reporting, human resources and payroll as well as tax settlements in order to focus on key business, leaving all the administrative matters to professionals. However, they are often concerned if the provider of the outsourced services ensures relevant quality and control over functions outsourced by the enterprise. A report in accordance with ISAE 3402 can dispel these doubts. See how.

Learn what SOC report is (compliant with ISAE 3402 standards)

An audit report is a certificate of the quality of services. It is a unified way of presenting to entrepreneurs and their auditors the evaluation of processes implemented in an outsourcing company and the evaluation of control mechanisms functioning in these processes. Providing the entrepreneur with the SOC report, i.e. an independent, professional report prepared by an RSM Poland auditor and being the result of an audit carried out in the outsourcing organisation according to international auditing standards, we confirm that the outsourced services are provided with due diligence and meet quality requirements. For an outsourcing company, this report is a confirmation of quality services they offer.


Learn about the benefits of SOC (ISAE 3402) report


For entrepreneur (client):

  • Offers independent opinion on the effectiveness of in-house control in the outsourcing company,
  • Reduces costs of auditing financial statements by limiting their scope,
  • Allows to monitor risks and ensures adequate level of control of outsourced business functions.

For outsourcing company:

  • Confirms that control mechanisms within the organisation have been implemented and are used effectively,
  • Reduces the number and scope of audits performed at the organisation’s clients,
  • Helps meet the requirements of clients as regards quality services confirmed by ISAE 3402 report, building competitive advantage of the outsourcing company.

Rely on the expertise and experience of RSM Poland experts in the evaluation of business processes and control systems. Confirm due diligence and quality of outsourcing services with SOC (ISAE 3402) report, thus strengthening the trust and confidence between the outsourcing company and the entrepreneur (client).

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