How RSM helped HMC Group take wing with Nexus Airlines

HMC Group is a leading provider of aviation, tourism, and accommodation services in Australia. The aviation business includes both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and undertakes charter work for federal, state and local governments, and corporates, in addition to providing scheduled passenger services.

In 2018, Michael McConachy, the Managing Director of HMC Group, had a vision to expand the business and diversify its offerings. Michael needed advice on an acquisition and funding opportunity and RSM Partner Justin Audcent was the right man for the job.

“We've been working with Justin Audcent and his team since about 2018, and it's been a really positive relationship for us,” Michael says.


Nexus Airlines takes wing | Case study: HMC Group

It takes a lot of work to get a new regional airline off the ground and into the air. From finding the right business partners, securing funding and raising capital, a supportive team is vital to achieving growth. Hear from HMC Group's Managing Director, Michael McConachy and Justin Audcent, RSM Australia’s Director of Corporate Finance, as they share their insights on working together to help Nexus Airlines take flight.


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HMC Group's growth and success

Justin and his team quickly understood HMC Group's goals and challenges and provided tailored solutions to meet their needs. RSM acted as a corporate advisor for HMC Group in connection with several acquisitions and capital-raising transactions, supporting the establishment of Nexus Airlines, a new regional airline that aims to connect regional communities with major cities.

RSM helped HMC Group find the right business partners and investors, offering various options to meet specific criteria.  
Michael says, “Justin and the M& A team have offered a lot of value in our business and that's largely around helping us source the right business partner and the right investor into the business.”

“We had some very set criteria about the sort of investor we were looking at and RSM were able to put a number of different investor options on the table.”

RSM also assisted HMC Group in securing funding from the Australian Business Growth Fund, a government-backed investment fund that supports small and medium-sized businesses with long-term equity capital.

Supporting and empowering our clients through personal connection

One of the key factors that distinguishes RSM from other advisors is their commitment to building strong relationships with their clients. Justin and his team have been working closely with Michael and his management team since 2018, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the growth journey. RSM is always available for HMC Group, even outside regular hours, and responds promptly to any queries or issues that arise. RSM's proactive approach and deep industry knowledge have helped HMC Group achieve significant growth and success.

“The commitment to myself and the business and our senior management team, to be available during business hours, after business hours, on weekends, even when Justin's been on holidays, he's been prepared to take my calls…It's why I keep coming back.” ~ Michael McConachy, Managing Director, HMC Group.

The client experience at RSM

The relationship between RSM and HMC Group is more than just a business transaction. It is a partnership based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. 

“I believe in the mantra that all business is personal, not transactional. So, we've focused very much on building relationships.” ~Justin Audcent, Partner, RSM Australia

Michael appreciates RSM's professionalism, expertise, and dedication, and considers them as an integral part of his team. RSM is proud to be associated with HMC Group and looks forward to continuing to help them achieve their goals.


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