Scaling and growing a SaaS business with RSM's 

full-service support

energyOS is an Australian software company that provides a SaaS platform to electricity and gas utilities, enabling them to streamline their operations, improve customer experience, and reduce costs. Stephen Kubicki, the CEO of energyOS, has ambitious plans to grow and expand the company’s presence in the global market.

However, scaling and growing a tech business comes with many challenges and complexities, especially in the highly regulated and competitive energy sector. energyOS needed a trusted partner who could provide them with practical advice and a range of services to support their growth journey.

That's where RSM came in. Gavin Stacey, a Principal in RSM's business advisory team, has a long-standing partnership with energyOS, acting as their trusted advisor and sounding board in their business journey. He also connects energyOS with other subject matter experts across RSM's divisions, such as risk advisory, technology consulting and international tax.

“We've been working with RSM for quite a period now. The company is about 10 years old. And RSM has been there right from the start.” ~ Stephen Kubicki

As a leading provider of audit, tax, and consulting services to businesses of all sizes, RSM offers Stephen and energyOS a full-service experience, perfectly suited to support their ambitious growth goals.

Stephen says, “We've got really aggressive growth ambitions for the company… What's been really important for us is the really pragmatic advice that we get from Gavin and the rest of the team.”

Electrifying SaaS growth through full-service support

If you want to scale your SaaS start up globally, you need a partner who knows how to help you succeed. In this video, Stephen Kubicki from energyOS and RSM Principal Gavin Stacey share their story of how they worked together for over 10 years to grow energyOS into a leading SaaS platform in the energy sector. Find out how RSM helped energyOS with everything from tax and compliance to strategy and innovation, leveraging our expertise, tools, and processes to electrify their SaaS growth.


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A full-service provider for financial peace of mind

RSM has been working with energyOS since the company's early stages, providing pragmatic advice and a range of services that suit their needs and goals. Gavin and the team at RSM offer services such as corporate tax guidance, bookkeeping, accounting, R&D tax support and more. We also help energyOS navigate the complex regulatory environment and compliance requirements in the energy sector. 

Gavin says, “We provide services to energyOS across a number of service lines. Our corporate tax team does a lot of special projects, looking at employee share schemes and the like in our business advisory team. We're taking a lot of the finance function…that's not in their skill set off their hands.” 

The breadth and depth of experience that RSM offers is a key benefit for energyOS. Through RSM, energyOS gains access to various levels of expertise and the ability to tap into subject matter experts across different divisions, allowing for tailored advice that meets their specific needs. 

“We see a lot of benefits of working with RSM. I think the most significant is the access to the different levels of expertise, and like any professional services firm, it's the calibre of the people that really count." ~ Stephen Kubicki

RSM also helps energyOS navigate the complex regulatory and compliance environment in the energy sector, as well as identify opportunities for innovation and growth. Working with us allows energyOS to focus on their core strengths while we manage their financial functions, providing financial clarity and guidance for continual improvement.

Relevant support tailored for an SaaS startup

energyOS chose RSM because of our strong foundation in innovation and tech, along with our ability to support businesses looking to scale and grow, especially internationally. RSM has a deep understanding of the energyOS business model and vision, and we tailor our advice to suit different stages of the company's growth.

“[I] genuinely think that RSM has a great understanding of our business and what we're trying to do with it. RSM has dealt with a number of companies like us, early-stage technology companies or software companies that are on a journey. RSM have a real appreciation for tailoring their advice to the different stages of that company.” ~ Stephen Kubicki

energyOS is an example of how RSM can support innovative businesses looking to scale and grow, especially in the tech sector. By leveraging RSM's full suite of services, energyOS can achieve their vision of transforming the energy industry with their SaaS platform. 

RSM is committed to supporting innovation and growth in the Australian economy and is proud to work with companies like energyOS that are making a positive impact in the energy sector. Whether it's raising capital, expanding into new markets, or developing new products, RSM is always there to provide strategic guidance and practical solutions.  


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