As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies continue to evolve, industry leaders are working hard to deliver accessible solutions that solve real-world problems.

One such leader is Trellis Data – a Canberra based technology company that is making the latest machine learning capabilities available to government and enterprise, to help them achieve unprecedented efficiencies.


Founded by husband and wife team Michael and Rachel Gately, Trellis Data is an Australian owned and operated business based in Canberra.

The company’s key product is the Trellis Intelligence Platform (TIP) which delivers the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in an intuitive platform. Engineered to solve big business artificial inteligenceproblems fast, the platform is capable of scanning infinite voice and video files, documents, and databases to serve up plain English intel for real-time decision making.

Extremely versatile, TIP can be deployed quickly in a wide variety of settings with sample use cases ranging from the identification of project risks or compliance after “reading” thousands of pages of documentation, to deployment in space, and even pinpointing the model of a car simply from its engine noise.

After years of planning and development, Trellis Data officially opened its doors to clients in 2018. Wanting to have the right foundations in place early on, Michael and Rachel sought to partner with business advisors who could assist with the journey.

“We knew we would need support from a reputable company,” says Michael Gately, CEO and co-founder of Trellis Data.

“We wanted the right systems in place from day one, and a trusted partner who could offer independent advice. So we engaged RSM.”


RSM’s ability to provide a full-service capability, and tailored solutions for small businesses and technology startups, were key reasons why the firm was attractive to Trellis Data.

With Rachel on the systems side of accounting and operations, and Michael on the strategic side, the duo needed a partner who would understand both sides of the conversation.

After gaining traction in the marketplace very quickly, Michael and Rachel sought RSM’s expertise to help them scale and evaluate new opportunities. Because the company invests heavily in research and development, RSM also assisted with specialist tax guidance.

RSM has helped us navigate the landscape. There are lots of opportunities we would have missed without their help. Although they assist with things like corporate responsibilities and financial statements, what was really important was having a sounding board for discussing problems and talking through ideas. The ability to do this in both a formal and informal sense has been great.


As Trellis Data has scaled, so too have the services they require from RSM.

In 2019, Rachel and Michael officially engaged RSM for their “Outsourced CFO service” arrangement, which they feel provides genuine value and circumvented the need for an in-house CFO.

As part of this arrangement, RSM provides Trellis Data with a suite of services such as:

  • Timesheets
  • Super payments
  • Reporting, including monthly board reports
  • BAS
  • ATO reporting
  • General business structuring activities
  • Business advisory

“RSM has delivered value to us in a broad range of areas – from tax and strategy through to R&D, and most recently company restructuring guidance on how to scale ourselves for international growth,” says Michael.

“As we’ve gone through each stage of our start up journey, RSM has added services to that as we’ve needed them. They provide genuine value, and we never have to worry about honesty in advice – they will always say what they believe is the right answer, not what you necessarily want to hear.”


Michael works closely with Andrew Sykes, Director of the Business Advisory division at RSM in Canberra and the National Leader of Technology, while Rachel works with RSM Canberra’s accounting and tax division on systems and tactical decisions.

“We really do try to add more value to the business than getting them the best tax rate,” says Andrew. “It’s about growing the company and hitting goals, and Trellis Data has a very bright future.”

machine technologyMoving forward, Trellis Data is continuing its steep growth and is already discussing the possibility of expanding the company’s presence interstate.

Of working with RSM, Michael and Rachel both say the relationship has been invaluable to them and the business.

“If we ever need anything, it’s a simple phone call and the team at RSM will always go the extra mile. It’s a great relationship and a genuine friendship. We’re very happy.”


To learn more about Trellis Data, click here.