A Fair Share Through Mediation and Negotiation


Do you suspect that one party has deliberately disposed of assets, run down businesses, attempted to conceal assets or divert funds?

In such matters, it is common for one party to suspect that the other has deliberately disposed of assets, run down businesses, attempted to conceal assets or divert funds.

Has a party deliberately disposed of assets?We have determined the common red flags that warrant further investigation:

  • Unsigned or back dated agreements
  • Adjustments of prior year Financial Statement balances or tax returns
  • Altering the way in which related party loans are accounted for
  • Changes in distribution patterns
  • Bringing forward expenses
  • Deferring income

Our team can act as a financial advocate for your client to support the negotiation of a fair share of the genuine asset pool and to ensure that the settlement is appropriately structured to protect against unintended imbalances.

More specifically, we can assist with:

  • review of affidavits and identification of key financial information                                                    
  • attendance at mediation and conferences to assist with the facilitation and negotiation of valuation, taxation and other accounting issues via the provision of timely advice including Division 7A matters                          
  • Preparation of business valuations for use in a mediation
  • Preparation of written evidence in relation to taxation issues upon separation and taxation issues post separation
  • Preparation of forensic review reports to assist in mediation

RSM also has highly qualified and experienced accounting, superannuation, taxation, valuation and financial experts available for expert appointments in Family Law matters.

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