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We have significant experience working with clients who are recipients of government assistance including grants and contract payments, and philanthropic support including bequests, endowments, donations and fundraisings. 

We are experienced in addressing the regulatory requirements of government and other fund providers including grant acquittal, obtaining or maintaining tax exempt status and fringe benefit tax exemptions. 

We have been helping not-for-profit businesses in Australia achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives.

We understand the importance of preserving an entity’s reputation within the community through accountable, transparent and ethical operations. Our clients can achieve their community objectives and develop their organisation.

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Our tax, audit and accounting specialists provide a range of services for organisations in the not for profit sector.

We dig deeper to truly understand every client and the business environment they’re operating in and by doing so, we identify emerging opportunities and pre-empt challenges with the right solutions.

External Audit

We provide assurance services to enable effective, transparent and timely accountability to government, benefactors, fund providers, lenders, service recipients and the community at large.

Internal Audit

We address the issues associated with ongoing business operations, systems, technology, governance and major change initiatives. We focus on enabling technologies and processes that impact business controls.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of good management practice. It is therefore imperative that Boards develop a standardised process for the identification, analysis and treatment of all risks across the organisation. We provide assurance to governing Boards and management that key risks are identified and managed in the interest of the entity and the community it serves.

Corporate Governance

We assist governing Boards to operate in an effective, transparent and accountable manner in the best interest of members, fund providers, constituents, and the community.

Secretarial and administration

We provide the administration and secretarial support to an organisation to enable key staff to concentrate on service delivery.

Implementation of the NDIS

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RSM offers Not For Profit business services

Rapid Antigen Tests – Tax deductibility myths debunked

4 January 2022
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the media in recent days that rapid antigen tests (RATs) for COVID-19 are 'tax deductible'. 

Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) | Round 2 (Integration)

13 December 2021
Integration Stream - Round 2 The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3 billion initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience.

Should NFP boards move away from the Carver Model?

13 December 2021
Operating at the helm during a time that will undoubtedly make our history books, boards and their board of directors have faced significant challenges in the wake of a global pandemic.

Protect the future of your business with security certification

2 December 2021
Cybersecurity is a real risk and one that needs to be considered and managed effectively in order to protect the future of your business. 

Webinar: Financial Reporting Update for NFPs

28 June 2021
The road to recovery - what are the financial reporting issues? RSM's Financial Reporting Update presented by Ralph Martin ensures you have the information you need to navigate the current challenges in financial reporting, and that you are briefed on future developments which may affect your entity. 

Changes to Compulsory Super Guarantee Payments

10 June 2021
As part of Australia’s superannuation system, employers are currently providing superannuation guarantee of 9.5% under Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (Cth).

Five questions boards should be asking emerging from COVID-19

15 January 2021
With 2020 now behind us, there’s no doubt countless people across the globe will breathe a deep sigh of relief. While there are no guarantees that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over, steps taken over the past nine months certainly place many in a better position to deal with whatever happens next.

5 elements to a successful not-for-profit amalgamation or merger

26 August 2020
One of the first sectors to bear the brunt of an economic downturn is the not-for-profit sector which is resulting in many considering an amalgamation or merger. Reliance on community services increases, yet funding and donations can be hard to come by and higher poverty rates affect customers’ ability to pay for services. 

2020 Themes in the Not-For-Profit sector

29 May 2020
  In this challenging climate for not-for-profits, we outline key matters management should be aware of in 2020, including those that might have been forgotten while dealing with the fallout from COVID-19.

JobKeeper changes for ACNC registered charities

15 May 2020
On 1 May 2020, Treasury released amendments to the JobKeeper rules, which have effect from the start of the JobKeeper scheme.

Emergency Cash Grants for SA small businesses

9 April 2020
On 9 April 2020, the South Australian (SA) State Government announced a one-off $10,000 emergency cash grants for small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Good Governance Principles for Not-for-profit organisations

22 August 2019
The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) released the Not-for-profit Principles - Second Edition in January 2019 as part of their commitment to the not-for-profit sector and their respective Board of Directors.

Not-for-profits - is a merger right for you?

26 October 2018
Over the last couple of years, the not-for-profit industry has seen an increase in the number of merger opportunities.  For example, in the disability sector alone, the National Disability Services reported that 38 per cent of organisations are discussing merger options.

Making disability services viable within an ‘NDIS world’

22 September 2017
Knowing ‘thy core mission’ is the key to surviving the transition to a NDIS environment.

Taking a bite out of new FBT meal benefit rules

5 April 2016
Are you part of a not-for-profit (NFP) health organisation that offers benefits to its workers in exchange for lower wages? If so, you need to know that the Federal Government has introduced changes to fringe benefit rules from April 1.

Challenging times in the not-for-profit sector

15 October 2015
Increased costs of compliance, changing government priorities, high administration costs are just some of the challenges which are being faced by the not-for-profit sector.

Change in discount rate for employee obligations

8 October 2015
Under AASB 119 Employee Benefits, all for-profit entities and not-for-profit private sector entities are required to discount employee liabilities using the rate applicable to high quality corporate bonds. Where there is no deep market for those bonds, government bond rates are used.

WA state tax exemption for charitable bodies or organisations

10 April 2015
How will the changes affect your organisation?

How to minimise the risk of aquisitions

30 March 2015
Merger and acquisition activity is soaring in some sectors such as healthcare, while it is taking a backseat in other sectors such as mining services. In this climate, businesses must take a step back and evaluate the benefits and risks of making acquisitions in their sector.