Case study: Nature's Food World

“The service from RSM was beyond unbelievable and the team adds significant value to the business. Knowing RSM has Nature’s Food World’s best interests at the forefront of the advice they give is a key benefit.”

- Karla Gartshore, Founder


Nature’s Food World is an Australian family business passionate about supplying the highest quality infant food products, destined for babies and children around the world.

Karla Gartshore founded the company in 2012 after recognising an opportunity to provide quality Australian dairy products to the Chinese market. Since then, Nature’s Food World has grown exponentially, overcoming the challenges of operating in foreign countries to generate market demand. The company will soon launch its range of infant formula, baby food, and other milk powders in Australia.

Breaking into overseas markets

As an export business, Nature’s Food World needed to overcome the innate challenges of breaking into overseas markets. As a start-up, the business needed to be structured appropriately, and founder, Karla Gartshore, required advice regarding financing and cash flow management.

Karla Gartshore said, “Before I set up this business, a successful businesswoman told me to surround the business with the best professionals I could find. My experience and talents are in entrepreneurship; I needed to find a strong partner to help with financial management and to provide strategic business advice”.

Based on a recommendation, Karla Gartshore walked into her local RSM Australia office to request a meeting.

Karla Gartshore said, “The team was a bit taken aback because people don’t usually walk in off the street. But I was immediately taken to a meeting room and the RSM team’s professionalism and experience became obvious straight away. It was clear that they cared about the individuals in the business and what was best for everyone in the long-term. RSM’s approach of helping us get through tough times, believing in us and our product, and listening to our needs was very different from other firms I’ve worked with. The relationship has become a crucial part of the business”.

Positioned to skyrocket

After two years of negotiations and learning, Nature’s Food World products were approved for sale in China, positioning the company to skyrocket.

Karla Gartshore said, “Doing business in China is extremely complex and completely different from the way we do business in Australia. It was a steep learning curve but the RSM team was with us every step of the way. It was critical to meet the right people, manage cash flow effectively, and be adaptable to make changes fast, so we could meet market demands.

“During this process, the service from RSM was beyond unbelievable, and the team adds significant value to the business. Knowing RSM has Nature’s Food World’s best interests at the forefront of the advice they give is a key benefit.”

Karla Gartshore emphasises the necessity of a strong, reliable supply chain for businesses in the food industry, particularly when making food for export. She plans to expand the business throughout Asia and into Africa in the coming years.

Karla Gartshore said, “RSM’s strategic business advice and personal touch will continue to be important as we look to expand the business. We work together well, with each of us focusing on our own areas of strength. As a result, the sky is the limit when it comes to growth.

“I would describe the relationship with RSM in three words: real; honest; and trustworthy. As an exporter, RSM’s international network is also important, as it gives us the confidence to know that RSM will continue to support our business as we grow into the future.

“I was looking for experience and integrity in a business partner. With RSM, I found both.”

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