Case study: Organisational Learning Australia

Organisational Learning Australia is dedicated to supporting the VET and community services sectors through nationally-accredited vocational education and training to diploma level, expert registered training organisation (RTO) consulting and advice services, and personal and business coaching and support. Most recently, it had to transition to a new area of delivery, focused on early childhood education, providing qualifications to educators in family day care and child care centres. It remains a focus of Organisational Learning Australia to build their online presence as education consultants, business mentors and specialists in early childhood education and care.

Ujjval Goble, Founding Director and CEO of Organisational Learning Australia, said, “When looking for a business adviser attitude is essential. Organisational Learning Australia needed someone who’s not too risk-averse, understands high-level concepts and provides practical solutions. Someone who can be a sounding board and devil’s advocate at times. The adviser would also need the technical competence to provide guidance on areas that are not a core focus for me".

“Organisational Learning Australia chose to work with RSM because of its expertise in the education field, which included a financial viability and risk assessment it had undertaken for the Department of Education in Victoria. The team meets with our adviser, Ray Scott, three or four times a year to work on planning, and he takes care of the tax side of the business. Ray offers continuity, can see growth opportunities and has assisted with some of the challenges".

Organisational Learning Australia has had in the last couple of years. “My relationship with Ray is productive and friendly. It is not often you get challenged when you’re at the top of an organisation. However, it is important to have someone who pushes you to think about factors you may not have considered, which is what Ray does. His ability to see and explain things quite simply is a quality I appreciate. I have a lot of ideas about running the business and, when it comes to structure, Ray often guides me in a direction that is simpler but achieves the same outcome”.

Organisation Learning Australia is at the beginning of a growth cycle, which can be challenging. There are also industry challenges with the regulator actively trying to reduce the number of RTOs in the space. The barriers to entry and costs of compliance are high. Despite these challenges Organisational Learning Australia has just been awarded a three-year RTO contract in Victoria to provide funded training, predominantly in childcare at this stage. They are also looking to move into aged care and disability, and expand into delivering to international students, which is whole new process of registration.

Ujjval Goble said, “In terms of strategic advice RSM will be critical in the organisation’s expansion plans. Ray understands the ratios within the sales cycle and how that impacts on cashflow. He also assists with determining the level of working capital required prior to expanding with new staff or into new areas".

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