Seven ways to be more Customer Centric

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In the turbulent and uncertain times that we can experience in business, be that drought, commodity prices or even a Pandemic(!), having a good understanding of your customers and client base will put you at the forefront of your competitors. Here are seven ways to be more customer centric: 

  1. Customer CentricEngaging with your customers will build trust, which in turn, builds loyalty. In uncertain times, it’s reassuring to know that your customers will come to you or come back to you because of the trust you have developed with them.
  2. Build a loyal customer base by communicating and understanding your customers’ needs and circumstances - make them feel like they are top of the list and that you care about them and what’s going on in their life.

  3. Be a customer’s first choice. Or if not, make sure you are their second. When things go astray, you are front of mind and will then be the first person they will call when they need your goods or services. It’s about building a positive lasting impression that will imprint on their mind.
  4. Understand your customers so that you can provide them a fantastic service. Understanding their needs correlates to strong relationships, new sales and a greater chance of them repeating sales and referring you to others. Word of mouth recommendations are a brilliant way to generate new business and is very cost-effective! Have your customers do your advertising for you.

  5. Leverage social media. Get to know your customers through interaction on social media platforms. This will help you gain valuable insights and integrate better into their virtual community. You may find you have other ways you could help them out, while also building a stronger relationship with them.
  6. Encourage your employees to engage with your customers. Building a team culture that involves great customer service ensures that your own goal of having a good understanding of your client base flows through your whole business. This means that whoever has dealings with your customers, also understands them and their needs, providing for a positive interaction with your business.

  7. Be front of the pack when it comes to technology and change. Use your accounting package to track spending patterns and consumer behaviour for your clients. You’ll be able to offer them what they need before they come to you.


The above steps will help you build strong and lasting relationships with your clients and help you to overcome some of the complexities that we can face in business.

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