Work from the Cloud Part 2 - Get your passwords into one system (and no, not in a spreadsheet!)

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Work from the Cloud - Password Management

Admit it - either you’ve been storing your passwords in your web browser, or reusing and recycling the same password combo since the turn of the century. Now’s the time to convert to a password management system that’s secure, can be accessed from any device and also shared with your team.

Our top pick for password management


LastPass is free for thirty days before you have the option to upgrade to a premium account or move to the team version (USD $3 and $4 per user per month, respectively).

LastPass sits in your browser as an extension and prompts you to save passwords in its vault each time you enter them. Existing passwords in your browser can be automatically imported upon setup. You can set up shared folders with your team for easy (and secure) collaboration, obscuring passwords and editing access for certain people if required.

You can access your vault from any computer or device, using your single password and (hopefully) the two-factor authentication you have enabled.

In addition to passwords, you can share payment methods, notes, addresses and other information.

Getting set up only takes about five minutes and once you begin to access certain sites, you will automatically build out your vault as you go. Alternatively, you can import information. If you’re keen to go through the same process with your personal account, you can link your business email and personal email together into one vault, killing two birds with one stone.password management

Why you need to do this

It’s all about security and business continuity.

Once your staff have loaded information into their accounts, you will have access to that data as an administrator - if anyone leaves the business, you can merge their passwords back into your own vault and never have to worry about what logins and data that person held onto.

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