Work from the Cloud Part 3 - Move to a fully hosted email solution

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If you’re still downloading emails into Outlook or Apple Mail and dealing with the trials and tribulations of syncing between devices, this one is for you. While it’s a bit costlier to run a fully hosted email solution that you can access in any browser or any device, there are infinitely more benefits.

Our top pick for an email solution for collaboration and productivity

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This solution from Google, includes email, contacts, calendars, file storage, chat/video and intranet functionality within the suite of products (AUD $8.40 per user per month for the Basic edition with 30GB of storage per user, 10% discount available in the Cloud Club). Alternatively, Office 365 offers a comparable, yet slightly more expensive, solution on the Microsoft platform.

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Not only can you send and receive emails using G Suite, you’re also creating a completely collaborative ecosystem for yourself and your team. Unlike Gmail, G Suite is powered by your business domain and looks completely professional. Anyone in your team with an email address can work together with you in real time on documents, share files, video chat using Hangouts and even build out processes and procedures on your company intranet.

Why you need to do this

So much of working together sits outside of emails.

Instead of relying on attachments or a shared drive in the office, now is the time to move your important documents to the cloud and give your entire team the right access to the right files. The other functionality allows you to collaborate live with your team and ensure complete continuity of data.

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