Work from the Cloud – Part 5 Adopt a collaborative, action-oriented space

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Task Management
Your days of shouting, “Have you done XYZ yet?” across the office to your colleague may already be, or may soon be, over. As satisfying as that approach can be, the reality is that everyone is guilty of keeping way too many things in their heads. This is detrimental to gaining control over your businesses for the purpose of thinking with a clear mind. You need a project and task management tool that allows you to get everything listed out so that you can go into that space of dreaming up the next phase of your business.

Our top pick:task management

This project and task management platform istask management tool  free for up to 15 users, from USD $13.49 per user per month on the premium version. Asana scales up from a basic to-do list to kanban board (where you can move your projects through phases visually) to a complete project planning tool with custom fields, resource management and collaboration features to keep you on top of your team’s progress. Once you get the basic tasks out of your head and into a system, Asana even allows for recurring tasks to be set up so that you can keep your business humming along efficiently.

tool task management Why you need it:

There are going to be disruptions with your staff, as folks are going to need to work more flexible hours and from home, or may need to take extended time off on short notice. The sooner you can get a handle on what your team is working on, the easier it will be to complete handovers and keep on top of projects and tasks when there are interruptions.

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