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Now, more than ever, people are going to be making choices to work with suppliers who can be found easily online. Has it been a while (or ever?) since you’ve logged into your website? Does it still say © 2015 in the footer?

Now is the time, regardless of whether or not your business updates content regularly, for you to review and update your website and take ownership of your Google My Business listing (the information users see on Google Maps) to make sure it is current.

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WordPress websites are easyOnline Presence to maintain and are well supported in the marketplace (Hosting & Maintenance packages from RSM begin at $25.00 per month). Every business should also have a Google My Business profile (free), where you can share opening hours, contact information, photos representing your business and updates alongside the location information on Google Maps or within a Google search.

Take the time to update pertinent information for your clients/customers on your site, including how you will continue to service them and if there is any special information that they need to know. Use this as an opportunity to upgrade your website’s core software or plugins (if you’re on WordPress) and check with your website hosting company if you’re on the best deal, while you’re at it.

Why you need this: 

Online Presence This space is only going to get more competitive. Search engines take time to index sites, so if you’re starting from scratch (meaning you don’t have a website yet for your business) you’ll need to act now to better your chances of being found online.

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