RSM and Pegasus


Pegasus is a not-for-profit riding school that has helped people with disabilities in the ACT for over 40 years. Established in 1975 by a group of volunteers, the organisation has grown over the years to offer a unique riding and therapy experience allowing people with disabilities to improve their coordination, balance, muscle development and fitness, boosting their personal confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, and leadership of countless individuals.

RSM’s relationship with Pegasus began when CEO Jane Thompson approached the Canberra office in 2013 to help the organisation manage the changes brought by the arrival of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The new scheme, which directs disability funding to service-users instead of service-providers in order to empower users and create an industry driven by consumer needs, put Pegasus in an uncertain situation in relation to its future.  With the help of sector development initiatives from the ACT Government, the team at RSM’s Canberra office worked with Pegasus to identify its major needs and obstacles in anticipation of the new environment. From this, Pegasus developed goals and targets for business improvement.

From this time onward, RSM has continuously supported Pegasus in its efforts to service people and children with a disability living in the ACT. To date, RSM has worked on multiple projects with the organisation, helping to improve the organisation’s financial management, conduct staff training and development, measure costs, develop new policies and procedures, and to identify and apply for new funding.  Our advice has assisted Pegasus to make decisions in policy, finance, governance, and HR, and has centred on equipping the organisations with the necessary tools to face its challenges and to explore new opportunities for the future.  

On 14 May, 2016 members of the RSM team volunteered their time to help Pegasus with running their 2016 Open Day. The Canberra office offered financial sponsorship for the event.  On the day, our team members ran an information stall, and also the Pegasus front desk, providing information and assistance to visitors.  The team had a wonderful day helping support Pegasus' fundraising efforts.  It was a welcome change, talking to children about their special horses, handing out chocolates and goodies and connecting with the local community about how important Pegasus is and what the programs mean to their families. 

RSM’s relationship Pegasus has brought many positive and enriching experiences for us, and RSM looks forward to its continued relationship with Pegasus and the community sector in the future.


Pictured: Kirsty McGovern-Hooley, Young Han, Yean Tat Yong and Billy Kang