Industry Partnership Program
Industry Partnership Program
QLD-based projects in the business critical minerals, renewable energy, battery, green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, resource recovery, and recycling industries.
Industry Partnership Program
Industry Partnership Program
The IPP offers grant funding towards up to 50% of capital costs of major initiatives undertaken in Queensland by for-profit organisations.
Industry Partnership Program
Industry Partnership Program
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The Industry Partnership Program (IPP) supports major projects that grow priority sectors, create jobs, develop supply chains and attract private sector investment in Queensland. 

The Queensland Government recently allocated an additional $53.5 million to the Program, specifically targeted at supporting investment-ready projects that align with:

The IPP offers grant funding towards up to 50% of capital costs of major initiatives undertaken in Queensland by for-profit organisations. Historically, the Program has been leveraged to catalyse private sector investment into major upgrades or establishment of manufacturing facilities with the potential for large-scale job creation and to boost Queensland’s capabilities in priority industries.  

Who should apply? 

Consider applying for the IPP if you are a business in one of the above priority industries, and planning a Queensland-based project that involves: 

  • Creation of at least 10 new, ongoing FTE roles; and 
  • A capital investment of over $20 million to either: 
    • Undertake a major upgrade of an existing facility, such as installation of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies; 
    • Establish infrastructure that creates new supply chain capabilities in Queensland, such as commercial scale upstream processing capabilities required for value-add manufacturing; or 
    • Create a new facility to enable greater scale and lower cost of production to boost competitiveness in interstate or global markets, such as a scale-up advanced manufacturing facility. 

The IPP presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses in Queensland’s biomedical and low emissions technology sectors to turbocharge major capital investments, while positioning Queensland as a destination of choice for these high growth sectors in Australia. 

For more information

To learn how our government grants team can assist you in applying for grant funding under the Industry Partnership Program, please contact Dr Stephanie Guiney at (07) 3058 7520 or Dr Rebecca Barnes at (08) 8214 7944.


Rebecca Barnes

Industry Partnership Program

Dr Rebecca Barnes, situated in Adelaide, serves as RSM’s National Grants Manager. Rebecca  supports organisations from start-ups to large multinationals to identify and access strategic funding opportunities. 

With a thorough knowledge of the Federal and State funding landscape, she provides tailored advice regarding Government grant opportunities and develops compelling funding applications. Get in touch with Rebecca >

Stephanie Guiney

Industry Partnership Program

Dr Stephanie Guiney, based in Brisbane, is a Senior Analyst in RSM’s Government Grants team. 

Stephanie assists clients in the preparation of grant applications under a range of Federal and State Government programs and initiatives to provide tailored advice, craft Government funding strategies, and prepare applications under competitive grant programs. Get in touch with Stephanie >