Have you considered your cyber security risk exposure?

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While it’s assumed that your business may have risk management practices in place to identify and manage various risks associated with the business environment, have you considered your cyber security risk exposure?

cyber security risk exposureBusinesses face a range of threats, both internally and externally, which continue to evolve over time. Cyber security is a real risk that needs to be managed effectively and it is important that businesses recognise and improve their overall cyber resilience so they can respond and recover from a cyber-attack as quickly as possible.

The consequences are significant to businesses including costs associated with disruption of services, fraud, lost revenue, reputational damage and legal proceedings.

Have you considered... 

  • The cyber risks facing your business both internally and externally? 
  • What measures you have in place to mitigate and manage these cyber risks? 
  • If management and the board are informed about cyber risk exposure? 
  • What do we need to do to be more secure against potential threats? 
  • Do we have a security-conscious culture and behaviours in our business?  


RSM can help you achieve cyber resilience by providing tailored cyber security services, focusing on your specific operating model, technical demands, regulatory environment and industry dynamics. We can help you understand your cyber risks and implement cyber resilience strategies to minimise the impact of a cyber-attack on your business.

Our qualified and experienced cyber security and privacy risk professionals have a diverse range of experience and backgrounds performing information governance and cyber security risk, privacy, cloud security, security transformation and technical security assessments. To learn more, get in touch with your local RSM expert.


Riaan Bronkhorst
Principal - Perth

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