Cybersecurity and data privacy issues continue to make headlines, and the risks surrounding them are only increasing.
The demands on chief information security officers and chief technology officers expand as data moves from in-house systems to cloud computing, mobile devices, remote work setups, and new technologies including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.
As security and privacy risks increase, a disconnect between security personnel and the Board could leave the organisation more vulnerable. To avoid this disconnect, Boards should make a concerted effort to maintain an accurate picture of the risk profile of the organisation and the strength of its cybersecurity program. 
At the same time, many organisations are dealing with change and transformation within their businesses. Some people may ask – what we have been doing for years has worked, so why change? Or conversely – if we need to transform, does that mean we were not good enough before? Responses such of these are natural, as humans have a negativity bias that is hardwired into our psyches which ultimately causes us to see change as a threat. Understanding this point about human nature does not necessarily make change easier for us to accept, but it does provide a context as to why we react to change and transformation in the way that we do, and therefore what we could do to better communicate or engage with change - to actively seek out the positives as a counterbalance.
Importantly, the true transformation of many businesses does not primarily lie in structure or operations, but in the mindsets, activities and relationships of the people make during these difficult times. Therefore, while our initial reaction to change and transformation may be one of apprehension and uncertainty, let’s use all that we have learned since the beginning of the pandemic to fight that response.
2021 may have seen the beginning of the Transformation Era – but as the name suggests, it is the start of a business age characterised by continuous change that can best be managed through an accurate picture of the risk profile of the organisation and the strength of its cybersecurity program – so let’s embrace it.
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Thursday 30 September, 11:30am AEST
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Registrations are open for our October sessions.
Since a hugely successful partnership began in 2016, RSM Australia’s Fraud & Forensic Services continues to deliver this four-day course in Australia in 2021 through our facilitators as led by Roger Darvall-Stevens.



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Ashwin Pal has recently joined the Risk Advisory Services Team in Sydney as a Partner in Cyber Security and Privacy Risk Services.
Ashwin is passionate about providing solutions to his clients and has worked alongside many industries including energy and utilities, government, health, mining and manufacturing. Prior to joining RSM, Ashwin built and controlled a security business for a large global systems integrator across the Asia Pacific region. Read more >>