Webinar: From Music to Medicine - A Conversation with Dr Tania Farrar | 24 September 2020

On 24 September 2020, RSM Australia hosted it's first EMpower webinar, From Music to Medicine: A Conversation with Dr Tania Farrar.

medicalFacilitated by RSM Partner, Jessica Olivier, Tania talked about her transition from the world of classical music to the chaos of refractory seizure management and the challenges patients (and their neurologists) face.

The discussion covered Tania's:

  • Professional music career and move into medicine
  • Experience working with epilepsy patients
  • Recent focus and interest in Diet Theapy with regard to epilepsy treatment


Dr Tania Farrar did not start life with an interest in medicine, in fact there was a time when she advised people it was the last thing she would do. She was a violinist and that was that. Fifteen years later, she was completing her internship and now she is a qualified neuologist who works with patients with complex and refractory epilepsy in Sydney and in the country. She is trying to establish the first etogenic diet therapy clinic for adults with refractory epilepsy and undertaking research in this area.


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Watch the webinar recording below: