Webinar Series: NextGenManufacturing | November 2020

In partnership with AMGC (Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre), RSM Australia proudly presented an innovative webinar series to help your manufacturing business adapt and thrive in challenging times. Manufacturing

We want to empower Australian manufacturing companies with the knowledge they need to look at the future with confidence and strive towards achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Our highly experienced panellists provided guidance on accessing capital, succession planning and superannuation, and business transformation.

Webinar 1 | Accessing capital 

What was covered?

  • Insight into the funding measures recently announced as part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget
  • Overview of the current capital and debt markets landscape
  • Debt funding (banks, neo banks, second tier lenders) – access to typical credit criteria, and types of products available
  • Monetising your working capital as a funding solution, i.e. debtor financing
  • Family office & private equity as an alternative – overview and typical investment criteria
  • How RSM can help / the value of an adviser
  • Case study: Introduction to AH Beard
  • Growing a local family business to become an international success.

Webinar 2 | Succession planning & superannuation

What was covered?

  • Preparing for the next stage – setting yourself up for succession
  • Identifying who your successors are – internal or external to the business; family or not family
  • How do you identify and nurture talent?
  • Executing the final transaction – is your governance in place?
  • How to effectively use superannuation as part of your succession plan
  • Using superannuation along the journey, exploring both asset protection and property asset strategies
  • Contribution tricks and traps while you are still working
  • Maximising your superannuation contributions on succession, including the use of small business CGT.

Webinar 3 | Business transformation

What was covered?

  • The ‘secret sauce’ to effectively execute transformation strategies
  • The importance of internal collaboration to ‘join the dots’ in your business
  • Execution-focus, capability, accountability, implementation and performance measurement
  • The importance of creating a data driven culture and maximising value from your greatest asset: Data
  • How to begin the journey and move through analytics maturity
  • The importance of a robust data foundation
  • It’s not just an IT project - the cultural change required to be a data-driven company
  • Technology and AI will provide insights, allowing you to provide leadership.