Vinnie's CEO Sleepout is a unique and impactful initiative that brings together business leaders and executives from various industries to experience a night of homelessness.

Frank Lo Pilato once again is taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. See his answers below on why this initiative is important to him.

Why are you taking part in the event? 

Well, not for the comfortable night sleep I can tell you that! We all know how bitterly cold Canberra can get in the dead of winter. But, ICEO sleepout don’t have to worry about where I’m going to sleep at night, and the worst Canberra winters bring me is some minor inconvenience. I am extremely privileged to have a job I enjoy that also provides financial security for me and my family. For over 122,000 Australians, winters like we have in Canberra can be deadly, they face a daily struggle for the basic necessities of a hot meal and a warm and safe place to sleep at night. I’ll gladly give up one night’s good sleep to raise awareness for those Aussies and help break the cycle of homelessness.

What have you gained from it, and why are you participating again? 

That old adage struck home for me “You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.” For most of us, homelessness and its brutal hardships remain an uncomfortable concept which can be easily forgotten. Participating in the CEO sleep out a few years ago gave me a small insight into just how difficult a life without a stable home can be. I will never truly understand the struggle faced by Aussies for whom this is a daily reality, but experiencing even one night of it has given me a deep and abiding respect for the Aussies doing it tough. 

Why homelessness as a cause that's close to your heart? 

Every day we all find ourselves walking past people experiencing homelessness, and I find myself uncomfortable knowing I have comfort and safety at home when they do not. I don’t want to ignore that feeling, I want to help make a difference in those people’s lives. I believe every Australian deserves safety and security. For those of us who have never worried about where we will sleep tonight; we can forget just how important and valuable a stable home is. I want to help make that a reality for every Aussie.

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