Proudly supporting Katlin Tilly | eXXpedition

RSM proudly supports Kaitlin Tilly

RSM is proudly supporting Katlin Tilly on her eXXpedition voyage, which will explore the impact of plastics and toxics in our ocean.

A message from Katlin:

"My name is Katlin Tilly and I have been selected to be a part of the eXXpedition round the world sailing trip.

kaitlyn_tilly_1.jpgI have been chosen to be on the seventh leg which is sailing from The Galapagos to Easter Island in February 2020. The goal of this trip is to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans and also to celebrate women in science.

The trip will bring 300 women together from all around the world united in one common goal. By sailing across all of the oceans in the world we will be able to gather data on exactly how much plastic pollution is impacting our natural environment."

Andy Graham, Managing Partner of RSM in Brisbane said,

Corporate social responsibility is really important at RSM, and that’s why we are so proud to support Katlin on this initiative. The issue of plastics in oceans is a critical issue and also celebrating women in science. Well done to Katlin.


We wish Katlin bon voyage and a safe journey.

We look forward to hearing updates and outcomes on the research collected during the eXXpedition.



eXXpedition Round the World is a pioneering all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission to circumnavigate the globe via four ocean Gyres and the Arctic. 

Over two years and 38,000 nautical miles, a crew of 300 women will take on 30 challenging voyage legs to sail through some of the densest ocean plastic accumulation zones on the planet to study plastic pollution onboard expedition sailing vessel S.V. TravelEdge.

For more information about eXXpedition journey, visit the website: