Devika Shivadekar

Devika Shivadekar is an Economist for RSM Australia based in our Sydney office.

As our expert economist, Devika loves to share her knowledge with our clients. She has a wealth of experience in macro-economic and financial research, spanning both public and private sectors, and a deep understanding of the APAC region. 

"I enjoy simplifying economic information to help my clients understand and use data to suit their needs. RSM extends me the opportunity to deep-dive into the real economy as well as some key sectors to help our middle market clients make informed business decisions".

She follows key macroeconomic indicators such as growth, inflation, central bank decisions and the labour market to assess the overall health of an economy.

Commencing her career in Economics, Devika was fortunate to work for the Reserve Bank of India where she acquired and refined various analytical and researching skills. Her comprehensive experience in macroeconomic research and analysis spans more than 8 years. Preceding her tenure at RSM, she served as an economist at a prominent investment bank, where her responsibilities extended beyond the Australian economy to encompass a thorough examination of the New Zealand economic landscape.

In her pursuit of professional growth, Devika is driven by the continuous learning inherent in her role. Her aspiration is to enhance her skills as an economist while simplifying data for clients.

Working in our Sydney office, Devika thrives on a well-rounded lifestyle beyond her professional commitments. Alongside her love for playing tennis, running marathons, and practicing yoga to stay fit and healthy, she values the simple pleasures of life. Devika's favourite indulgence is sipping a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. Beyond her active pursuits, Devika shares that she is spiritual and engages in regular prayer to foster self-awareness. Furthermore, Devika enjoys the creative process of cooking, often spending weekends experimenting with her own recipes.

A fun fact about Devika is that she is also ambidextrous! 


  •    MSc. Finance (University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK)
  •    BA Economics (University of Mumbai, India)

professional associations

  •    Member, Economic Society of Australia (ESA) NSW Branch
  •    Member, Women in Economics Network (WEN)