Our People

Evan Tsipas
Partner - Melbourne


Evan is a Director of the Financial Services division in Melbourne. Evan joined RSM in 2002 and has significant experience advising clients on investments, risk protection, superannuation, retirement planning and aged care matters. He combines practical experience and postgraduate qualifications to assist clients in making informed decisions to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Evan Tsipas is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd.
RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 22 009 176 354 AFS Licence No 238282

Significant projects

  • Evan assists individuals achieve their goals by providing sound financial advice tailored specifically to each individual's personal circumstances
  • Advised private and high-net worth individuals in relation to investment planning, wealth protection, superannuation and retirement planning
  • Evan specialises in portfolio construction, and if appropriate, can take a contrarian approach to investing with an affinity for 'value-style' investing

Professional associations

  • CFA Charterholder
  • Member, CFA Institute
  • Member, CFA Society of Melbourne
  • Associate Member, Financial Planning Association


  • Chartered Financial Analyst, Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science

Adviser Alpha: How a financial adviser adds long term value

18 February 2021
The area of professional financial advice has seen immense change over the past decade, both from a regulatory and consumer perspective. Technology advances have democratised the investing space and made markets much more accessible to all. At the same time, the professional financial advice space has seen increased scrutiny, culminating in vast...

How do financial advisers add value when investing my money?

16 February 2021
It is tempting to listen to widely held views that investing money is simple – you buy blue-chip stocks hold them over the long term and you’ll do well. The reality of a professional investment strategy that is formulated with your goals and objectives in mind though is much different.  Appropriate asset allocation Asset allocation r...

Ethical investing with a clear conscience can be very profitable

18 June 2020
Global coverage and media attention on climate change has fallen 59% since January 2020, so does that mean climate change is 59% less of a problem? Obviously not... The risks associated with climate change have been de-emphasised by the focus on the current global pandemic, however, they will take much more than a vaccine or face masks to m...

Using the Australian Stock Market as a crystal ball

28 April 2020
It is late April and the Australian stock market is trading at around 5300 points or around 19% higher than recent lows, and around 22% below the market top in February. Volatility has reduced somewhat from record levels.  Previously, we discussed the importance of holding cash, maintaining your investment time horizon and investing for a r...

Market update: The idea of ‘doublethink’ in today’s stock market

6 April 2020
It is early April, and the Australian stock market is about 14% higher than recent lows experienced less than two weeks ago. In my first address, I discussed the importance of holding cash reserves, maintaining your investment time horizon, and investing for a range of outcomes. Below I expand on this last point. There is a concept in psychology...

Market perspectives and the three golden rules in the face of COVID-19

30 March 2020
It is late March 2020, and the market has certainly been on a roller coaster ride, down by over 25% from the peak. At RSM, our advisers have by virtue of our culture and investment philosophy cautiously positioned clients leading into the crisis, if for no other reason than markets had risen ahead of the fundamentals. The speed and ferocity of t...

Agreed Value Income Protection policies will be banned by APRA

25 March 2020
1 April Deadline – Agreed Value Income Protection policies will be banned by APRA! Following a recent review of the life insurance market, APRA have announced proposed changes to income protection policies. The introduced measures restrict the sale of new income protection policies to ‘Indemnity’ style only, ‘Agreed Value’ policies ...

Investment and broader financial planning implications

28 March 2018
thinkBIG 2018 Superannuation whitepaper: discussing the real impact of the overhaul to the superannuation system - what now? Read the whitepaper here >> Find below the additional commentary on the investment and broader financial planning implications. The raft of changes to the rules can also have an impact on investment stra...

The Yin Yang of cash and its effect on income for investors

20 February 2018
The Yin Yang, a symbol of two opposite yet complimentary energies is a concept that plays a significant role in the lives of millions of Australians who are reliant on cash for income in retirement. A Yin Yang is a great way to visualise the relationship that exists between depositors and lenders. Depositors who save their cash with ba...

The 3 Myths we are sold about the benefits of low-interest rates for Australians.

13 February 2018
We all love the thought of low-interest rates generally because for us consumers it effectively lowers the cost of our monthly loan repayments. But what if what you gained on the front end, you were losing on the backend? If you consider yourself a new home buyer, investor, business owner or retiree on a fixed income, then the story around ...

Save for your property and have your avo' too..

5 November 2017
Millennials want it all but aren’t willing to give up some indulgences in life, or so social media tells us. It took one viral post about smashed avocado on toast for it to become the symbol of the younger generations’ inability to go without. It would seem that the trendy Sunday brunch is dashing the dreams of first home buyers, and sa...

Managed Funds vs. Direct Shares | Part 2

27 October 2016
“I have a DIY (Do it yourself) fund, why should I use ‘managed’ funds?” In our first part of this article, we explored the advantages of buying shares via managed funds. We focused on investing in the Australian share market. You can recap on Part one here. Part Two shows you how to access specialist management in othe...

Managed Funds vs. Direct Shares | Part 1

3 August 2016
I have a DIY (Do it yourself) fund, why should I use ‘managed’ funds? Traditionally superannuation trustees of DIY funds have shunned actively managed funds in favour of direct shares and listed exchange traded funds (ETFs). Directly held listed shares and listed notes have at least three main advantages over managed funds. These include: ...

Financial Services Inquiry - what does it all mean?

10 November 2015
Following the release of the Financial Services Inquiry report on 20 October 2015, a number of key recommendations were announced as what is viewed as the largest overhaul of the financial system in nearly 20 years. But what does it mean and how will impact you? Brad Eppingstall (Partner) and Evan Tsipas (Principal) look at the key recommendati...

RSM Boardroom Series | Superannuation in the Spotlight - Melbourne

2 May 2017, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Act now and navigate the critical changes ahead of the 1 July 2017 deadline The most pivotal changes to Australia's superannuation system in over a decade, the 1 July superannuation rule changes are fast approaching and now is the time to act. Join us at our exclusive free luncheon, The RSM Boardroom Series – Superannuation in the Spotlight...