Our People


Katie has been with RSM since 2005 and was appointed Partner in 2015.

She specialises in superannuation and has significant experience in all areas of SMSFs, including administration and compliance, asset acquisition, tax-saving strategies, structural assistance, and estate planning.

A regular day for Katie ranges from helping farmers transfer property out of super to the next generation to advising company directors on how their SMSF interacts with their employee share scheme.

“I love being able to work with my clients to support them during difficult times - whether it is estate matters, loss of capacity, or family law issues. Building trust and long-term relationships mean you can really make a difference.”


Katie provides advice and assistance to trustees, accountants, and financial advisers. She also heads up the national RSM Superannuation committee.

On the weekends Katie likes to keep her body and mind active. She loves playing competitive roller derby and reading anything she can get her hands on, including her all-time favourite, Harry Potter!

Katie Timms is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.  basic_illustrations-innovation.png

Solutions Katie provides

  • Self-managed superannuation fund compliance and audit 
  • Self-managed superannuation fund set up and administration
  • Pension and tax strategies
  • Asset acquisition and structuring advice
  • Rural and farming succession, using self-managed superannuation

Significant projects

  • Provides regular technical updates for the Institute of Public Accountants
  • Presented for the Tax Institute of Australia, Legalwise, and TV Ed
  • Published in the Australian Financial Review, the West Australian and Farm Weekly

Professional associations

  • Member, CPA Australia
  • Certified specialist adviser, SMSF Association


  • Bachelor of Business - Accounting & Public Practice (Edith Cowan University)
  • Certified Practising Accountant (CPA)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (superannuation) 
  • Diploma of Financial Services (self-managed superannuation)

Family Law Insider | May 2022

30 May 2022
This quarter’s edition of the Family Law Insider aims to provide some important considerations as we fast approach the end of financial year.

Holding farmland inside an SMSF: Yay or nay?

21 April 2022
Holding farmland inside an SMSF has long been a favoured strategy across Australia. The ability to help fund your retirement by paying yourself a tax-deductible lease payment is very popular, as is the 15% tax rate inside an SMSF and the potential to minimise your assets for the $6 million small business assets test.

Webinar Recording: Understanding Superannuation Financials

5 April 2022
Webinar: Understanding Superannuation Financials Members, Tax, Assets – huh? Superannuation remains one of the most complex structures to understand, combining tax, trust and often company laws to consider. For many, hidden within superannuation financials and member statements are complications, mistakes or sometimes opportunities. R...

Understanding the SMSF Financials: 3 key things to remember

5 April 2022
Members, Tax, Assets – huh? For many, understanding superannuation financials, member statements and different accounting policies is a complication you would rather avoid. Superannuation remains one of the most complex structures to understand, combining tax, trust and often company laws to consider. Katie summarises her 3 key take...

Top five requests for SMSFs & superannuation

10 March 2022
In the lead-up to the 2022-23 Federal Budget, RSM’s National Director of Superannuation and SMSF services, Katie Timms, shares her wishlist for SMSFs and superannuation.

Fundamentals of an SMSF during separation

12 May 2021
Dealing with self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) matters during a separation can be complex, so having a good grasp of the fundamental issues and documents can help reach the best outcome. Make sure you know where all the documents are – and have a copy Anyone that has established or administered an SMSF knows the amount of paperwork ...

The importance of an SMSF health check

12 November 2020
There are few industries that have been through the level of legislative change over the past 15 years than the SMSF industry. Changing contribution levels, pension rules and limits, estate planning case law and investment changes mean that an SMSF with documents that haven’t been reviewed in the last 10 years is likely out of date. And unfor...

Five questions to ask before an SMSF property development

30 October 2020
With rapidly declining rental vacancies and lower numbers of properties for sale in Western Australia, property is once again becoming a topic of interest, and the ever-popular question is coming up once again: Can I do a property development in my Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)? The answer to this is not exactly straightforward,...

Webinar: The tips and traps of property investment | 28 October 2020

28 October 2020
A journey through funding, structuring, self-managed superannuation funds & more In this webinar Katie Timms - RSM Director & National Head of Superannuation and SMSF services, Rhys Edwards - Senior Manager and RSM’s resident property and structuring expert together with Alana Magee – Director of Conques...

The Power of Farmland in Superannuation

14 August 2020
Acquiring, farmland inside a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) that can then be leased to a related party is popular strategies for farmers to help build their wealth for retirement. Make this a stress free transaction by considering the following issues: Arms-length transaction requirements Leasing farmland to a related party...

Superannuation Amendments for JobKeeper Payments

4 June 2020
Welcome news has finally arrived for employers with confirmation that the proposed amendments to the superannuation guarantee rule in relation to JobKeeper top-up payments have been registered. This should now provide employers certainty on their superannuation guarantee obligations for the June quarter. Initial information provided by Treasury ...

Top 5 issues with SMSFs and Family Law

25 May 2020
Superannuation and SMSFs are becoming increasingly complex, especially in a family law situation. Tax issues, valuation traps and managing pension and asset transfer strategies all arise when considering superannuation in a financial settlement. COVID-19 has created further complications with uncertainties around values, cash flow and liquidity...

Accessing Superannuation: The practicalities

9 April 2020
One of the early announcements from the Government in response to COVID-19 was to allow certain individuals limited access to their superannuation. This was a welcome announcement for many in the early days, but the details of how this could be accessed and when it would be available remained unclear. With further information being released, the wh...

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and related party rent relief

31 March 2020
Economic relief continues to roll out for those impacted by COVID-19, with the ATO confirming over the weekend that they will not take compliance action for SMSFs that offer rent reductions to related party lessees. This long-awaited update provides welcome news for SMSFs, who were faced with the difficult position of being able to offer r...

Family Law Property Settlements – potential impact of COVID-19

30 March 2020
Valuations for Family Law property settlements. Valuations are prepared as at a specific date based on circumstances and financial information known at that point, so it’s possible that valuations prepared a month ago or more may no longer be relevant - particularly for sectors which have been impacted more severely than others by COVID-19 (...

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and loan relief

26 March 2020
With the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic increasing, many are looking for loan relief in an attempt to manage cashflow. Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), with the ability to borrow using a limited recourse borrowing arrangement either through a bank or a related party, are certainly not exempt from this.   While ...

Superannuation-related stimulus measures

23 March 2020
The second government stimulus package has included some measures specifically aimed at superannuation. Minimum pension withdrawals  Minimum account-based pension withdrawals will be reduced by 50% for the 2020 and 2021 financial years.  A similar measure was introduced during the global financial crisis. The measure is aimed at ...

Super members and trustees - are you ready for 30 June 2018?

14 June 2018
With the new financial year almost upon us, are you ready for it?  Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees have some critical reporting dates coming up. The first of these occurs on 30 June 2018 and thereafter quarterly reporting kicks in.  Superannuation Contribution Changes 2017-2018  With the new financial year al...

ATO's final position on SMSF pension reporting requirements

9 November 2017
With the introduction of the new $1.6m Transfer Balance Cap or limit on pensions, from 1 July 2017, the ATO and self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) industry have been in discussions about the reporting requirements to the ATO. The ATO announced this morning that SMSFs with a member who has a total superannuation balance of greater than ...

Downsizer contributions

10 August 2017
The 2017 federal budget was a quiet one for superannuation with no substantial reforms or tinkering with the system. One reform announced was the ability for amounts to be contributed to superannuation over and above the current limits where individuals are downsizing their primary residence.  Following budget announcement draft legislat...

Choosing capital gains tax relief

10 August 2017
A key component of the Fairer Super reforms is the ability for superannuation funds impacted by the reforms to revalue their assets to their current market value for taxation purposes. For many superannuation funds, this provides an opportunity to lock in capital gains made on assets to 30 June as tax free gains. The increase in value from the e...

Transfer balance cap reporting

10 August 2017
The introduction of the $1.6m cap on pension accounts will result in additional reporting requirements to the ATO by SMSF trustees.  All SMSF’s that are paying retirement pensions to their members will be required to report these to the ATO, even if the total balance of the members pension is less than $1.6m. All pensions that are paid...

Superannuation Changes - Your questions and our answers | Part 2

2 March 2017
Following on from Part one of Superannuation Changes -  Your questions and our answers, below we explore some other key questions regarding Capital Gains Tax Relief, Estate Planning and Contribution Issues.   View Part 1 of Superannuation Changes. Part 2: Other key areas Capital Gains Tax Relief 1. Do I need to sell...

Superannuation Changes - Your questions and our answers | Part 1

2 March 2017
Below we explore some of the most common questions our team has been asked about the upcoming changes. Part one hones in on concerns around the Transfer Balance Caps. Part Two examines other key areas. Part 1: The Transfer Balance Cap – seven areas you need to understand 1. I have more than $1.6m in my pension, do I need to take the amou...

The five new rules of super

6 December 2016
Following extensive debate and conjecture, the 2016 Budget announcements making widespread changes to the superannuation system have been passed. Learn more about the five new super rules...

Are you SuperStream compliant?

26 May 2016
The SuperStream standard is part of the government’s Super Reform package.  It will provide a consistent, reliable electronic method of transacting linked data and payments for superannuation.

Budget 2016 for Superannuation

4 May 2016
The Government took a hard, and potentially unpopular line on superannuation tax concessions in the 2016/17 Budget, with changes including: The introduction of a $1.6 million pension cap; Reduction in the concessional contribution cap PLUS more income earners captured under the ‘higher income earners contribution tax’; The introductio...

Budget 2016 - Summary of tax rates and thresholds for individuals

4 May 2016
Resident taxpayers The current 2015/16 tax rates (including the 2% temporary budget deficit levy, but excluding the 2% Medicare levy) are: 2015/16 Income Year Taxable Income $ Tax Payable $ 0 – 18,200 Nil 18,201 – 37,000 ...

Budget 2016 for Individuals

3 May 2016
Key announcements There are very few Budget measures impacting on personal income taxes for individual taxpayers and families.  The key change for individuals is an increase to the threshold at which the 37% marginal tax rate for individuals commences. The low-income threshold for the Medicare levy and surcharge will also increase from...

Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reform

9 March 2016
For accountants working in the superannuation space, 1 July 2016 represents the beginning of a brave new day for the profession. No longer will accountants be able to rely on the accountants’ exemption allowing them to recommend setting up or winding up a self-managed superannuation fund without a financial services licence.  ASIC’s co...

2015-16 budget for superannuation

12 May 2015
Contrary to the announcements made by the Labor Party in April, the government confirmed in the Federal Budget that no tax changes will be made to superannuation this year. The Opposition proposed cutting the current tax free status available to retirees on superannuation earnings to introduce a tax of 15% on earnings over $75,001. The proposals...