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  • Selling or exiting their business
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Key questions from small business owners

Business advisory services provide professional knowledge and advice to businesses. These services aim to identify strengths and improve upon weaknesses.

Some key aspects of business advisory services provided at RSM include:

  • Profit and growth improvement 
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Business strategy and implementation
  • Cloud accounting
  • Financial management
  • Structuring advice
  • Succession and estate planning

In order for the owner to make better decisions, our advisors analyse the finances of the business. The information gathered from this process is organised into reports that are used to determine the financial health of a business. As a business owner, you have a duty to meet your compliance obligations, and a business accountant can help you do that. From assisting with data management, financial analysis, the generation of financial reports, as well as ensuring that your accounting practices satisfy regulatory requirements, business accountants can assist the success of your business.

We work with you to understand your needs, challenges and ambitions – and take a proactive approach to supporting your success. Leverage our fresh insights and perspectives, combined with practical business advice, so you can make critical decisions with confidence - get in touch with RSM today.

Accountants can assist with data management, financial analysis, the generation of financial reports, as well as ensuring that your accounting practices satisfy regulatory requirements.

Although growing your small business will take time and energy, there are a number of steps you can take to help accelerate your business growth, maximise your profits, and manage the risks. 

Consider partnering with RSM to effectively plan for all phases of your business lifecycle. 
Our business advisers can help you start, grow and exit a business on your terms and in your time – equipped with a commercial business plan, expert accounting and tax advice, and a trusted sounding board to work through opportunities and challenges as you progress on your business journey. 

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The connection between cash flow and profit is always interesting, with  Non-cash charges, facility upgrades and revenue items mean there is a low level of correlation between profit and cash flow.

Understanding and managing cash flow requires the insight that can only be gained from advisers who specialise in this area. Our experience in cash flow forecasting and review assists our clients generate the cash flow they need to ensure sustainability of their operations and allows them to maximise the use of any excess cash liquidity.

One of the ways to keep cash flow ticking over in challenging times is to make better use of government incentives and grants. As an example, we often find as business ramps back up from the Christmas break, we see manufacturing clients taking a keener interest in seeking grants and accessing other tax breaks. Government incentives and grant programs can enable businesses to continue to develop new and innovative products and processes.

At RSM, we work with thousands of large and small business owners to help them lay the best possible financial foundations so they can stay focused on a successful future.

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Definition of cloud accounting: Cloud accounting is the practice of using an accounting system that's accessed through the internet.  

At RSM, we provide a full range of Cloud and Digital Advisory services – from helping you select and deploy the best cloud accounting software, to enabling your digital transformation with practical strategies and purpose-built tools.

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SMSF benefits also include the flexibility of borrowing within your fund for investment purposes. Also, some small business owners may hold their business premises within their SMSF for a variety of reasons including asset-protection, succession planning and security of tenancy.   

However, managing a self-managed superfund certainly isn’t easy – there are significant compliance requirements and a whole host of issues that can arise as your fund follows you through the everyday situations that unfold in your business and life.

Our SMSF specialists partner with clients who are seeking expert advice and support to manage an established SMSF. As a dedicated local team, we are only ever a phone call away when you need us.

Learn more about our SMSF services.

Whether you’re a local small to medium enterprise, or a foreign business looking to establish a presence in Australia, hiring and managing staff to fill key business roles can be very challenging. 
Our services provide solutions for day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll administration, accounts maintenance, management reporting, taxation and corporate compliance, forecasting, and advisory needs. Simply put, we can do everything a CFO can do. 
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Successfully transitioning a business from one generation to the next is a challenge even at the best of times.

At the worst of times, it can create conflict that affects relationships within the family for years to come.

While it’s difficult to know where to start, RSM’s experienced advisers will work with you to develop a practical roadmap. We’ll then support you and your family in carrying it out, so you can retire knowing your legacy is protected.

Succession planning can be hugely rewarding when it’s done right. And the earlier you start, the greater the chance of a successful outcome.

You can rely on us for:

- honest, objective advice 
- a practical succession plan 
- business restructuring 
- minimising any tax consequences, as appropriate 
- stakeholder engagement 
- support through the transition 
- estate planning and the dissemination of assets

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RSM's highly skilled and results-oriented business advisers team can help you access funding, save you time and money, make informed strategic decisions, develop comprehensive and cost-effective plans at each stage of your business' lifecycle, and identify opportunities that you would not have otherwise identified.

Having knowledge about the business and industry in which you operate, as experienced business consultants, RSM are able to provide you with long term expertise and objective advice that is tailored to your specific needs.

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