Matthew Cunneen
Partner - Sydney

Matthew Cunneen is a Director of Data and Analytics.

Matthew has been designing and developing leading technology solutions for international corporations since 1989. For over 15 years, he has concentrated primarily on business intelligence and data, going from running his own very successful small business to leading a dynamic team at the fast-growing Decision Inc. Australia, and is now a Director at RSM.

Business value, speed to insight, and the ability to bridge the gap between IT and the business, drive Matthew to create outstanding results for our clients every day.

Matthew Cunneen is a Partner of RSM Australia and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd and RSM Corporate Australia Pty Ltd.

Creating technology solutions for my clients that have a positive effect on their business. It doesn't matter which technology or which business challenge they seek to solve - the joy is achieving something for my client that makes their business better.

Prior to joining RSM, Matthew ran his own small IT consulting firm called Satsumas from 2001 until 2018. This started as 'web and wireless business solutions' and built intranets and wireless apps on Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs) well before smartphones. They transitioned into a Data & Analytics company and then merged into ABM Systems, now Decision Inc Australia where Matthew ran the Data & Analytics Division for 3 years.

In his spare time, Matthew is a self-proclaimed sporting tragic, primarily AFL and cricket, and plays average golf. He enjoys brewing his own beer and enjoying his wine cellar. Matthew once jumped 1.95m to win the combined school High Jump at 1.80cm tall. Even though he says he cannot jump over a jam jar now!



  •    Led Operational Resilience Services to assist local Australian organisations through some of the most difficult times ever seen, supporting and navigating them and their staff through floods, fires, droughts and now a pandemic.
  •    Performed specific risk and control assurance procedures on Westpac’s HR department, ensuring all control gaps, weaknesses and improvement opportunities were identified and accurately assessed including confirming the appropriateness of the corrective action plans.
  • Advised Foxtel on the development of a financial model and fee structure that would enable third parties to operate on their digital network. This was a complex model which required the involvement of the ACCC and upskilling staff to handle external inquiries.
  •    Led a team of four consultants to understand the current state of data use in the organisation, then developed and delivered a three-part data strategy which aligned with the company’s business strategy.
  •    Managed a team of three consultants to deliver statutory reporting for this global bank, getting data from five core banking systems and over 16 different data sources. The first two phases of the project were delivered for less than one-third of our competitor’s quotes.


  •    Bachelor of Science (Business Information Technology)