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Simon Harcombe

Office : Perth

Based in our Perth office, Simon Harcombe is a principal in the Tax Services division providing specialist R&D tax incentive consulting services. 

With a career spanning over 15 years, Simon has provided R&D tax advice to a range of industries across Australia including resources, technology and biotechnology. Simon joined RSM in 2013 following roles in various tax incentive groups for international accounting firms.

Simon complements his R&D tax knowledge with experience in corporate finance on major infrastructure projects. Simon Harcombe


Simon offers a comprehensive understanding of the R&D claims process and is able to provide advice on a range of related issues including:

  • Calculation of eligible R&D expenditure;
  • Analysis of complex R&D tax issues and preparation of detailed tax advice;
  • Reviews for clients with the regulators; and
  • The implementation of R&D management practices.
  • The R&D tax eligibility criteria;
  • The process of conducting project interviews and gathering appropriate information to assess, prepare and support R&D tax incentive claims; and
  • Preparation of appropriate R&D registration documentation.

Significant projects

Simon has successfully managed complex and high value projects including management of the R&D claims of multiple multi-national resources companies.

Simon has experience supporting large mining companies with regulator reviews as well as assisting first-time R&D claimants to prepare for and commence annual R&D claims.

Simon is able to readily identify and manage R&D claim risk issues and provide mitigation plans.

Simon works collaboratively and maintains a large network of related contacts. This enables him to assist clients with access to providers of finance in relation to the R&D Tax Incentive and other relevant services.

Simon is an advocate for innovation and maintains strong industry connections; he is able to provide advice and assistance to clients seeking access to a range of innovation support programs and grants.


  • CPA Australia


  • CPA
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance (Curtin University) 
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Health (Curtin University)

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Taxation Determination TD 2020/D1 release creates issues

6 August 2020
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Change, risk and opportunity: R&D tax claims in the mining and resources sector

11 May 2020
With so much change impacting business, we present a summary for the mining and resource sector highlighting issues that could impact (some positive) their current and future R&D tax claims. We explore recent industry applicable changes, implications of case law and identify risk and opportunity in the resource sector for R&D tax incenti...

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