Episode 9: Entering into a relationship | talkBIG Podcast


Busting family law myths - Pro-active protection is better for all!

Kasey has been a Family Lawyer for the past 16 years, and while she acknowledges she is not necessarily someone that people want to find themselves needing, the reality is often a lot less daunting after starting those conversations.

In this episode of talkBIG, Kasey Fox of Farrar Gesini Dunn, urges that protection is the best strategy in family law and that it is much easier to set up at the start of a relationship when you have a strong amicable relationship to agree on a plan for the 'what if' scenario. The pandemic has a put an additional strain on relationships making these kinds of conversations harder to tackle. 

Join us as we talk prenups, postnups, your rights in a defacto relationship, and what to do in a separation to avoid spending money in court while protecting things like inheritances and determining who gets to keep the family pet!

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