If you are looking for ways to optimise the funding strategy for your agribusiness, you need to read this report. 

With detailed analysis, case studies, and expert commentary, this report is an essential resource for anyone looking to secure funding and drive growth in the Australian agribusiness sector.

In this report:

  • Learn more about funding opportunities and challenges for Australian agribusinesses, as well as the economic outlook and trends for the sector. 
  • Explore various funding sources available to agribusinesses, including government grants, R&D tax incentives, and kickstart programs. 
  • Be inspired by case studies of actual businesses who have chosen different funding pathways to drive their growth and business expansion, such as Patmore Feeds, ProAgni, SwarmFarm, and Bendotti Exporters.


funding for agribusinesses in Australia

Inside the report: 

Grant funding can provide farmers and agribusiness owners the means to invest in new equipment, improve infrastructure, or expand their operations. 

However, navigating the complex landscape of state and federal funding opportunities can be daunting and time-consuming.

Research and Development is the lifeblood of any successful agribusiness, but it can also be expensive. 

This report will guide you through some tried-and-true strategies that will help you secure the funding you need to push boundaries, develop new products or technologies and ultimately drive growth for your agribusiness. 

Maximizing the growth potential of your agribusiness requires a thorough understanding of funding opportunities, challenges, and effective strategies. 

With our key insights and projections, agribusinesses can identify and capitalize on funding sources such as grants, loans, and government programs specifically designed to support agricultural development.

While debt funding in the form of loans from major banks, as well as personal savings and retained enterprise profits has traditionally funded growth in the Australian agribusiness, now is an exciting time with increasing interest from a wide range of investors including capital from large institutions and superannuation funds as well as foreign investors.

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Bendotti Exporters

How government grant funding is helping grow a WA agribusiness

Funding the future: Strategies for securing funding for Australian agribusinessess

In just under 100 years, the Bendotti family has transformed from newly-arrived Italian immigrants growing potatoes on a few hectares of land near Pemberton in WA’s Great Southern region, to become a major processor of frozen chips, wedges, potato scallops and French fries. 

Now the family-owned group, headed by Director Stephen Bendotti, is looking to increase its processing capacity and move into wider Australian distribution of its low-fat French fries, as well as make its processing plant more energy and water efficient...continue reading


Taking game-changing biotech from Albury to the world

Funding the future: Strategies for securing funding for Australian agribusinessess

Thinking outside-the-square drove Fiona Soulsby and her co-founders to begin a small start-up biotechnology company, ProAgni, in 2015 in Albury, NSW, that in its early days was regarded as something of an alternative agricultural venture. 

More recently, that same innovative thinking – especially in regard to funding options – has transformed ProAgni into a mainstream livestock nutritional company attracting capital and winning awards and funding grants from around the world, now looking to raise $30m to build its first pilot-scale reverse encapsulation probiotic fermentation...continue reading.

Patmore Feeds

Funding by bank debt and a local private capital raise

Funding the future: Strategies for securing funding for Australian agribusinessess

In 2020, Dean Toovey and John Patmore had a bright idea they knew would be good for both farmers and the agricultural prosperity of WA’s wheatbelt. 

But how to fund their ambitious plan to build a new pelletised feed mill for cattle, sheep and pigs on farmland owned by the Patmore family in the heart of WA’s wheatbelt at Cuballing, north of Narrogin, was another thing. ...continue reading.