By this stage of the journey our skilled resources help to augment the existing team and transfer the learned skills to the whole business. We assist you to execute well and embed your new capabilities. 

Our team are skilled in a range of project and change methodologies that are tailored to your specific circumstances.  

Project Management – we help to resource your project by providing highly skilled, flexible resources that support your journey, build capability and instil project management disciplines to reduce risk.  and be there for the long term. This includes:

  • Scope definition and Management 
  • Project Planning and Scheduling 
  • Resource Allocation and Management 
  • Budgeting and Financial Management 
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation 
  • Sponsor Coaching 
  • Stakeholder Management 
  • Reporting 



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How can we help you?

Change Management – we ensure there are tight linkages between the executive sponsors and the project team to ensure the changes occur at an organisation level rather than in discrete pieces. We provide a proven change framework or can work with other  best practice frameworks that may already be in use,  and coach the sponsors to deliver required outcomes. Our team is experienced in various change situations including organisational restructuring, technology implementation, culture transformation, process improvement, workplace relocations, mergers, and acquisitions. This includes:

  • Change Management Plans  
  • Change Readiness Assessment 
  • Impact Analysis 
  • Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Communications Strategy and Execution 
  • Training plans 

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