Medical Advisory Services at RSM

At RSM, we offer a stand alone Medical advisory services for practices who are looking to get advices from experts outside of day to day practice operation.

Our annual retainer packages enable practice managers and owners to make decisions based on practice data.

You will be given an access to custom made practice dash board to monitor daily trend.Your Health Business Adviser at RSM will provide assistances to translate data into action items.Tax and accounting expertise can streamline your medical business processes, maximise profit and overcome your unique industry challenges every day.


Ensuring the right people are following the right processes and using the right systems is essential to define, encourage and control conduct. 



 Peter Nicol  
National Director,  

T: +61 2 6057 3000             
[email protected]

Depends on your package level, your dash board will show your practice data focusing on;

  • Billing Analysis
  • MBS Compliance review/audit
  • Preventive Patient Health Care analysis and strategy to establish proactive patient care
  • Staff utilisation
  • Marketing Strategy for your practice

RSM Health Advisor will provide support and assistances including:

  • What your data means – changes required & impact
  • Your action items – where & what to start
  • Discuss ideas prior to / during implementation
  • Identify processes to be implemented to maximise the success of your practice operation
  • General advice on day-to-day operations

If more complex advisory assistance is required for a specific project, RSM Health team can provide a separate scope prior to commencement of the project.