All RSM needs to help you have a Really Useful Budget for your business – and a cashflow forecast and target KPIs – all in place and easier to manage, is:

  • Setting your goals and strategies – what’s your plan?
  • Your cloud accounting file
  • Your business’ historical trends on income drivers
  • One-on-one collaboration with you and your team

The RSM process gives you the targets you need to keep on track and the reporting system to let you know how your business is performing.

What does a Really Useful Budget Process look like? 

To keep your business on target, you need some basic management tools:

  • A Really Useful Budget
  • A Cashflow Forecast
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Target KPIs
  • An easy tracking process of all four areas

Why RSM?

RSM’s Really Useful Budget process puts owners in control. It helps you and the team keep focused. Our process brings the business performance to you so that you can assess the outcomes, make good business decisions and free up your time.

At RSM, we know and understand business drivers, managing costs and setting targets. We also really understand cashflow.

How does a budget become Really Useful?

If you only prepare a profit budget and stop there, there is a good chance it won’t do the job it is supposed to.

Our team knows that you need to expand the influence of the budget by:

  • Identifying your goals and strategies.
  • Ensuring your budget takes into account what is required to achieve them.
  • Understanding the cashflow that the budget generates
  • Set relevant KPIs that are indicators that the budget is on track.
  • Establishing a reporting process that provides you with the outcomes so that you can spend your time making informed decisions.

Stop, my head is spinning!

We know. Sounds like numbers and “paperwork”!! At RSM, we take the pain out of the process. We collaborate to understand what you and your business are good at or want to be good at.

Then we do what we are good at, and work through the planning process with you. It’s not quite painless, but it’s not hard. And, apart from peace of mind, you know where you are heading.

Where do we start?

We need good data and a couple of good conversations with you and your stakeholders. We know you have it stored away, just what do you want to achieve over the coming period?

RSM can work with you to collate those goals and map out the resources and change management needed to achieve them, taking into consideration where your business is today.

What does this produce?

From this process, RSM produces:

  • A summary of your goals, strategies and agreed actions
  • Your budget
  • Your cashflow
  • Target KPIs

What’s next?

The fun part. We work with you and your team to ensure there is a reporting process that:

  • Reports KPI performance at the right frequency
  • Reports actual vs budget results
  • Prepares a regular cashflow statement for you
  • And we can meet with you to use our experience to discuss how your business is performing.


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