After acquiring a leading Australian beverage company, our client (a global beverage manufacturer) sought support to manage post-acquisition integration and compliance. 

Working on site across several states, and during the COVID pandemic, RSM’s experienced risk advisory team delivered comprehensive compliance auditing and reporting to provide assurance of quality and consistency of standard operating procedures adoption.  

Navigating post-acquisition integration

Our client completed their acquisition of a well-known Australian beverage manufacturer in 2020, just as the COVID pandemic was unfolding. In need of a trusted and skilled team to conduct a thorough audit of operations, the multinational entity sought recommendations which led to a referral to RSM’s risk advisory team.  

Working closely with local management, our team undertook a deep dive of the business to understand its:

  • product range
  • point of difference
  • manufacturing methods
  • inventory management
  • sales and distribution strategies
  • plus much more 

This depth and breadth of understanding gave us a strong foundation from which to conduct our assessments and deliver detailed compliance reports to the executive team. 

Although the project unfolded at the height of COVID lockdowns, RSM was able to leverage our national presence by engaging risk advisory teams across the country to conduct reviews at local manufacturing sites.  

Widespread improvements to controls and operating procedures

On completion of all compliance audits across all manufacturing sites, RSM delivered comprehensive reports to the client detailing our findings, including exceptions and recommendations for improvement. 

As a result, our client has achieved:

  • significant improvements to controls
  • enhanced standard operating procedures
  • assurance of compliance 
  • peace of mind for the executive team

At a site level, we were also able to guide management through the new requirements – helping them to identify gaps in best practice, understand new practices and protocols, and gain confidence in implementing them.  

Moving forward, RSM’s risk advisory team continues to manage our client’s ongoing audit process, which is now underpinned by in-depth knowledge of their business and operations. This provides head office with assurance that their nationwide operations are compliant with internal company policies and standard operating procedures, and supports local teams on their journey of continuous improvement in operations, sales and finance. 

“We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our client’s business and assisting teams to evolve their practices in line with new operating procedures following the acquisition,” says Jean-Marc Imbert, National Head of Risk Advisory based in Melbourne.

“In projects such as this, it’s so advantageous to bring the audit team in early and ensure they have everything needed to build robust knowledge of the business and how it needs to operate. This gives us time to ensure we’re completely across all obligations, and can work effectively and efficiently to achieve the best outcome for the client. 

“It was also beneficial that we could draw on our extensive compliance and internal audit experience, including within manufacturing, to apply lessons learned and value-add whether we were engaging with teams on the ground or executives at HQ.”


For more information, please reach out to Jean-Marc Imbert  your local RSM office today.